Session Wrap-up 1-18-2017: Zombie Boy and Devil Girl...and everyone else.

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    We started our session at the Vistani camp, upon attempting to leave a Dusk elf by the name of Kasamir ( @TheGoebel ) stopped and talked to you, he noticed that you ambitions aligned in the ultimate defeat of Strahd. He told you the story of how his sister fell under the gaze of Strahd and fell to the evil that he exudes, how she became one of his consorts and sought to wed the beast, in a fit of rage for turning his sister into a monster, Kasimir led the revolt to Castle Ravenloft and found his newly evil sister there, changed, different, not the sweet kind woman he remembered, as to put it to Strahd the people stoned Petrovia as to show that none of their would ever belong to Strahd, and that evil within their people would not be condoned. Outraged Strahd sought to punish the dusk elves in a way that he saw befitting. He killed all of their females and maimed Kasimir by removing his ears, making their curse to live out their long lives without companionship. Kasimir told you that recently he has been having dreams sent to him by his sister (this makes sense since you all know that anyone that dies here, their soul can never leave) and she has repented for her transgressions and believes that the key to defeating Strahd and bringing back the dead is located in the Amber Temple, the place where Strahd forged his pack to give him his powers. He asked that he be able to accompany you when you decide to head to the temple.

    After a night of sleep and Nemia ( @Micshannon )and Kasimir constantly bickering, the party set back to the town of Vallaki to attend the festival of the Blazing Sun, Nemia was given a place of honor along with the Burgomaster as the procession filled through the streets to a giant wicker sun in the town square, the burgomaster was handed the torch to light the sun, when almost magically the skies opened and it began pouring rain, when the sun didn't light, one man in the crowd busted out laughing, drawing the wrath of the burgomaster, he was drug to his feat, before punishment, Nemia attempted to talk the Burgonmaster down, and just as she did Bartleby ( @swoooo ) shot a sacred flame, which seemed to do nothing, but then Kasimir struck the sun with a fire bolt, which seemed to ignite the sun. Following a small speech on "all being well" by the Burgomaster, you were free to have as many drinks as you would like (just 1 though) . After this you went to the Burgomasters house to confront Nemia's brother Izek, upon doing so, you find him locked in his room hurriedly hiding his collection of Nemia look a-like dolls, he seems weird and acts like he has no clue about any "action figures" until he is told that Nemia is in fact his sister (Nemia says this begrudgingly). After some family bonding (see, no family bonding) the party talks to the Burgomaster about his missing servants, the trail eventually takes them to the attic where they find the Burgomasters son has been (badly) practicing magic and has apparently sent the two servants to their deaths in a terribly drawn teleportation circle, in an attempt to leave Barovia. The party starts to take him to his father, when he offers to show them where he found his spellbook. He takes them to his mother & fathers closet where he shows them a mirror, Nemia identifies and learns that the mirror summons an assassin who will kill a named individual and that it has 3 charges left, along with a wedding dress in the room. The party takes Victor to his father, where his father thanks them, their reward being Nemia already had a grand place in the festival procession.

    Next the party decided that their path should take them to the tower of Rictavio, upon arriving the party saw a different wagon in front of the tower as compared to the one Rictavio had in Vallaki. Upon inspecting the wagon Nemia tried multiple times (unsuccessfully) to unlock the wagon. They stepped up to the door to find a primitive drawing on it and no door knob. After racking their brains, it was the barbarian Beorr of The Great Fang that discovered its secrets, upon walking in the party saw four clay golems standing before them next to a pulley system. Bartleby instinctively cast shatter on them, thus starting a battle in which, Beorr went a little Berzerk, Kasimir helped remove the curse from Beorr but did not have the strength to take it away from the axe. Just as the battled finished, the platform lowered into the middle of the room where a half-elf by the name of Rictavio looked at you crazily, asking why you destroyed the clay golems that operated the pulley system. After some banter, the party asked Rictavio to clarify the Tarrot Card reading given by Madam Eva. He told you that:

    -The Sunsword is located in the Amber Temple, in the mountains through the Tsolenka Pass.
    -The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind is located in the crypts of Castle Ravenloft in the tomb of one Gralmore Nimblenobs and that "His Staff is the Key"
    -The Tomb of Strahd is located with Baba Lysaga in the sunken village of Berez
    -Your Final battle will take place near Strahds Earthy tomb.

    Upon leaving, the party decided to rest, Nemia found a trunk which contained...a severed head of a vistani. Upon waking Bartleby decided to speak with the head, it said that it had belonged to a half-elf named Rictavio who oddly wanted to come to Barovia, and eventually killed him and he fears that Rictavio has horrible plans for his Vistani Brethren. After finishing the conversation, Beorr thought it a good idea to put the head to rest and buried him, while Nemia decided to further investigate the wagon that apparently was not Rictavio's, after failing again to open it, Kasimir shot a Ray of Frost at it, showing that their may be a trap had the door been opened, upon disabling said trap, Beorr stepped over and used a crowbar on the wagon door. Upon opening you found a plethora of items and a journal entry from on Rudolf Van Richten (will be put in a separate section of thread). The party while looking through the wagon heard horse hooves thundering closer by and saw a woman on horse back who asked them what they were doing with her wagon, the party noticed she was weary and asked what had happened, and she said I just came from the Castle and I must run, Strahd is following. As the party said it is time to run, they look in the sky and see a black horse with flaming hooves riding towards them, and a familiar face mounted upon it, as Count Strahd Van Zarovich comes riding towards them.

    End Scene.

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