Downdays of Korg

  • 1/18
    Id like to spend 5 down days train a bit with the Ghost Company and Mountain Men to see how many of what do we have. See what their expertise is, what can algebra do to help now that we saved him. What levels they everyone is, if we have spell casters, archers, captains, barbarians, theifs etc. And how many we have.

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    The Ghost Company is made up of 15 men at present. Until recently, they had a much larger force but the war with the White Snakes significantly reduced their forces. For game purposes, you can think of the Ghost Company as being level 0.5.

    As far as the Mountain Men go, there are 10 of them and all of them are barbarians/fighters. You can think of them as being level 1.

    Algebra is an infiltration specialist. His deception skill is so high he can usually pass himself off as someone else for a short time.

    There are no spell casters, but presumably, anyone could wield a bow. Some members of the Ghost Company are proficient with firearms, but they lack any guns at present.

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