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  • I would like to play as a formed, or forming, company of explorers. We will require members to sign a contract, obey certain protocols, and follow a basic "rules of engagement."
    Id love to focus my character around hired retainers, whom join under the contract; then insure them for If they die while exploring.

    Id also like other PCs to sign into the corporate body as well. Essentially run our adventuring team as an actual business enterprise.

    Is there anyone in town that will offer a loan or investment for an expedition? Is there someone willing to accept insurance contracts?

  • Just FYI, the default assumption for PCs is that they are all part of the same adventuring company (or team). You will each have a stable of three to five characters each to use on adventures and in total that 15 to 25 or so characters between the five players will be the adventuring company.

    Now, y'all can figure out the particulars (contracts, protocols, RoE, wills, inheritance, etc.), but all characters are assumed to be part of this crew (until they die or become mad and join the legions of Chaos - muahahahaha).

    There is currently a Bonding House run by Adryen Hermen in Muntburg. His establishment acts as a sort of recruiting ground for mercenaries and retainers, though he takes a cut. He is probably the man to see about writing up legal contracts that would be accepted under the Despot Mahe Cheron in Adamas (a nearby city that lords over Muntburg). Though, getting in good with the man in charge of the temple of Typhon might help in that matter as well.

    As far as wealthy people willing to invest in an expedition, I'm sure you could find someone quite easily. Bynde Petre, a caravan merchant, would be willing to put some money up front for choice pickings in loot recovered from an expedition. The insurance contracts probably depend on the terms and legality.

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