Naira's Message (From Session 2)

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    Upon assembly of the 4 canopic jars in the correct positions, a visible wind drifts through the room and coalesces in the center, drawing the attention of all. Out of the swirl of mists, a humanoid figure emerges in ghostly form. It appears to be a human female, dressed in finery and a blue cloak with swirling motifs. She carries no visible weapons. Then, after manifestation, she speaks; in an old form of the common language you understand but have difficulty recognizing all the words:

    In the calling of my presence, then it can only be true that Aurea is near to ruin, and the allies of Artecius have the upper hand. Do not delay, brave hero, take the blood of the emperor and seek out the Fengari, for perhaps only Allaris’s power may protect the lineage, and continue your fight. It is by your pure heart and noble grace as servant of this temple and a Mithral Guard that your deed is sacred, and your quest blessed by the gods. The Fengari have never been taken to meddling with the politics of empires, and you must earn their trust. They will subject you to a series of trials, though we the Solomonari and I have faith that you will succeed. Go, now, before it is too late. Miristriel’s blessing be upon you, Knight of the Winds. May Taurok’s fury be upon any who stand against you.

    At the conclusion of her message, her form disappears and fades back into the mists as quickly as it appeared. The room is now dead quiet and empty as it was when you found it.

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