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    Miristriel’s Mantle

    This cloak is made of a deep blue silk, trimmed in white filigree in swirling patterns. When worn, it appears to always be caught in the wind and to billow even when standing still. Once attuned, the wearer recognizes this item as part of a set, originally created and used by Tobarin the Wise, the first Solomonari, in the Age of Wonder. There are 4 pieces in this set, and one can attune to all 4 pieces but only if the full set is worn. If attuned to other or all pieces of the set, the power of each item grows stronger.
    When an attuned creature draws the hood up over its head, which takes a bonus action, a gale force wind in a sphere surrounds the wearer to protect them, granting the following abilities:

    1. All movement around the wearer in a 10 ft. radius sphere centered on them counts as difficult terrain for everyone above ground (this does not effect burrow movement).
    2. Upon first entering the sphere of wind and at the start of the wearer’s turn, a hostile creature must make a STR save at DC 12 or be “shoved” by the wind 5ft in any direction the wearer chooses–this does not incur a reaction attack.
    3. The wearer is considered to have partial cover to all projectile-based attacks, granting +2 to their AC.

    Donning or doffing the hood requires a bonus action.
    Once donned in this way, the PC is subject to suffocation rules due to the whirlwind of air around them creating a severely lessened ability to breathe. A creature can hold their breath for 1 + its CON modifier in minutes (minimum 30 seconds). Once out of breath, it can survive for a number of rounds equal to their CON modifier (minimum 1). At the start of the next round after that, they drop to 0 hp.
    Holding one’s breath in this way means that spells with a verbal component cannot be cast while the hood is drawn. If damage is taken while the hood is drawn, the wearer must succeed on a Concentration check as though maintaining concentration on a spell or otherwise be treated as out of breath, to survive for a number of rounds equal to their CON modifier before falling to 0 hp.

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