This Sunday! Slur Your Role XXI

  • We have an amazing selection of games this time!

    → Other RPGs ←
    ►Star Trek, run by Matt
    ►Cthulhu (Pinebox Stories), run by Jonathan
    ►Star Wars: Remnants of the Past, run by Braden

    → D&D Multiverse ←
    ►Lost Continent for 1st – 4th Level characters, run by Lusky
    ►Warden’s Reach: Vanguard Chalice for 1st Level characters, run by Jackson
    ►Weird World for 3rd – 6th Level characters, run by Elliott
    ►Darkest Thay for 5th – 9th Level characters, run by Steven
    ►The Eldritch Isles for 6th – 20th Level characters, run by Mik

  • Maze of the Blue Medusa. Only adventurers and psychopaths enter the Maze. For Levels 5 or better. High Risk. High Reward.


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    Thanks to everyone who came out for making SYR yet another awesome event! Please do us a favor and fill out this brief survey so we can continue to improve the experience for you.

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  • Thanks for taking on survey duties, Jonathan!

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