DM seeking two creative-minded players for an in-person 5E group!

  • Hello, Nerd Louisville! I'm an experienced DM looking for two more players for a new 5E group!

    I'm more interested in creative players playing the characters and methods they like in an original world. I'm hoping the campaign will be fairly fast-paced; I'm planning on three players, four players tops. I've played in and hosted larger groups, and I much prefer a smaller crew. If you have a friend you'd like to play with, feel free to apply for the both of you; I know one of the players, so I want you to bring someone you already know, if you'd like!

    The campaign takes place on Wynneth, an isolated, but rapidly modernizing island in the Morning Sea. 5E rules will be in place, plus some additional options to flesh out Wynneth a bit and give your characters a bit of depth. Wynneth contains a variety of urban, rural, natural, and artificial settings, and you will be able to customize your character with additional origin and race options. There are a few additional items throughout Wynneth, as well,

    This campaign will contain puzzles, combat, exploration, mystery, NPC interaction, lore, politics, monsters, everything you like in a D&D campaign!

    I'm in J-Town and would like to rotate hosting locations. I'm open to meeting at another, neutral location, as long as it's quiet and we're able to easily hear each other and play the game :)

    I'd love for us to meet twice a month, starting in February or March. I still have a good deal of writing and creating to do before we meet for the first time. Even if the campaign starts in March, I'd love to get together in February and meet you each in person and to see how we gel as a group and roll characters together.

    Each session will be between 3-4 hours once every two weeks or so on a night that's mutually acceptable to everyone. I imagine the campaign will take a couple dozen sessions total.

    If you're interested, please let me know. I'm looking forward to a fun D&D experience!

    My sister and I will be at Kaiju tomorrow for Slur Your Role, and if you've applied here or are interested in joining us, make sure you let me know! I'll be the bearded guy wearing my yellow Team Instinct shirt. :)

  • This sounds cool, I DM too much and could use a game I just get to play in.

  • Dungeon Master

    Sure, I'd be game.

  • Hi I've been looking for a D&D group to to join. I'm new to 5E but I have been playing 3.5 for a bit. Wouldn't mind learning if you let me join.

  • I am definitely interested, depending on time and days. I also live in J Town, so it would be cool to meet some local gamers. I haven't had a chance to play much 5E, but have DMed a few long campaigns.

  • I am extremely interested in joining if you still have room! I also live in J-town, and I have been looking, waiting, hoping, wishing for an in-person and in-home group for several months! I have been hoping to find a group that isn't completely just combat-focused, but also focused on roleplay, character and story development, etc. I haven't done too much with homebrew stuff (i.e. campaign/world), but have done a good bit of 5e and I'm sure would be able to pick up all the extra stuff easily enough. I am also a fan of a smaller group, a quiet-ish atmosphere, and I can definitely get behind a twice-a-month schedule. I have some evening engagements a couple of days in the week, but can be fairly flexible in general.

    Let me know if there's still a spot! I would love to join!

  • Judge

    @CaptainShapiro I like that you used the LFG tag. Going to make that a pinned suggestion!

  • Thanks to everyone for your submissions! I haven't made any decisions yet. My sister and I will be at Slur Your Role tomorrow, and we'd love to meet you all; hope to see you there!

  • Sorry I couldn't make it to Slur your role had plans already. Still hope to join!!

  • Same for me. I couldn't make it to Slur your role either, due to family plans. Definitely still interested though!

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