Agathorn's Downtime

  • Agathorn spends his downtime alone, meditating with his sword laid out in front of him and his chest bare. Strange, glowing runes that would normally be hidden by his robes and armor can be seen coursing beneath his leathery skin. His breathing is slow and deliberate, and he seems almost as if he is in a trance.

    The dragon uses this time to communicate with his demonic patron. It's what allows him to see in absolute darkness and to summon the powers he uses in battle. His sword trembles and a black aura begins to radiate from the blade. Agathorn's eyes go hollow, appearing as though nothing fills the sockets, and brackish smoke steams from his nostrils.

    The patron fiend can sense the magic pulse rippling in the cross-shaped artifact draped over Agathorn's neck. The dragon silently asks his patron for assistance in wielding the artifact's power, and stoically awaits a response.

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    As Agathorn meditates he begins to feel a familiar presence in the space around him. A voice pops into his mind that is both terrifying and comforting at the same time.

    "Agathorn, whatever you do, don't use that artifact. You made a deal with me, and I expect you to honor it. If you try to use that damn Artifact, the dragon spirit inside will consume you and then you will be of no use to me. I would advise you to destroy the artifact and bound the soul inside to a great forge. With this forge, we can bring new Warforged into being and build an army large enough to overwhelm the evil gathering power out on the horizon."

    The voice is stern, but you can feel it's unease as it speaks.

    "Something else i've been meaning to address with you...I have a feeling that you could encounter a great spirit of death soon. This spirit has something that I believe you should have. I would advise caution, though. This spirit is powerful and very old."

  • Agathorn feels an unfamiliar shiver run through his body. The dragon is not familiar with this sort of fear that seems to chill him to his bones. All his life he has sought out artifacts of power to use and study, and now his patron appears to wish him to destroy one such artifact. He takes a brief moment to weigh the words carefully.

    "I understand", he replies silently. "I intend to honor our pact until death releases me from it."

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