The Broken and the Blessed (Part 3 - Hell House)

  • Players:
    @Lane – Reginald Beauregard (Lawyer)
    @swoooo – Clarence D’avigne (Coroner)
    @Justin – Jakub Nowak (Photographer)
    @ElliottPaul – Phillip Landstrum (Engineer)
    @Kyle – William Lee (Author)
    @Amanda – Lucretia Mott (Nurse)
    Kalvin – Father Corvine (Priest) – Died via suicide

    Keeper – @Jonathan-Meadows

    Game Date – January 27th, 2016

    Jakub receives a frantic call from Frankie, where he rambles about how fucked up things are and about a girl who had committed suicide. Recognizing the girl (Kathy Landstrum) from a story in the Pinebox Gazette, Jakub decides to meet with Frankie. He picks up William Lee and Clarence D’Avigne on the way, and they see that Frankie has aged some 50 years over the span of a month! Frankie talks about how he and Kathy were working on the Hell House being constructed by Reverend Fitzgerald and how he believes the devil is in the house. Frankie believes that the Reverend has something to do with Kathy’s death, and that he felt himself aging whenever he went into the School Shooting Room, the same place Kathy died. Finally, he tells us that the funeral is tomorrow and that Reverend Fitzgerald will be there.

    At the funeral, Reverend Fitzgerald speaks and as he does, Mitch Landstrum (Kathy’s father) throws a beer can at him and accuses him of Kathy’s death. His nephew, Phillip, helps to calm him and a lawyer, Reginald, speaks to him about a wrongful death case. A new priest to Pinebox, Father Corvine, speaks to Fitzgerald about the church and accommodations, and Fitzgerald asks to meet with him later. Overhearing this, Jakub heads off Corvine and tells him to be wary of Fitzgerald. As all this is going on, Lucretia (Lucy) appears behind a mausoleum.

    The party finally convenes as we speak to Mitch Landstrum about wanting to help him discover what truly happened to his daughter. Around this time, we also speak to a police officer, Aaron Martinez, who shares Kathy’s suicide note with us. She wrote some variation of “Satan is here” on the walls of the School Shooting Room, which was subsequently painted over by the Church. He also tells us, and Clarence confirms, that Kathy’s autopsy was intentionally rushed, seemingly as a cover-up. When we are alone, Lucy begins telling us about something called the “Agency”, how she has been sent in time from the Civil War Era, and how she has been sent to look into one of their old Headquarter buildings, where a being known as the “Treader in the Dust” has been bound. Other research indicated that the Hell House is on the same grounds.

    That evening, Father Corvine meets with Reverend Fitzgerald, where he is taken to the observatory at the edge of town. There he meets Claude Bryant, the professor who took over the Observatory after Professor Hart’s untimely death. He is instructed to look into the telescope, and when he refuses, a fight breaks out. Corvine loses the fight and is forced to look into the telescope, becoming “Broken” in the process. Ultimately, Corvine chooses death over being a slave.

    The next day, we finally decide to investigate the Hell House. In the woods outside the House, we meet a man who talks about wanting to protest the opening, but also whispers about burning it down. Inside the house, we meet with a woman named Dawn, who knew Kathy well. She tells us that Kathy said she was seeing Satan in the mirrors, and that she sees him too. Dawn tells us that Satan wants out. As she gives us a tour, we see someone almost get killed in an accident involving a chainsaw. While we save the person, it becomes obvious that most people here have had some accident.

    In the School Shooting room, we have a strange vision of 4 men in black coats (presumably from the “Agency”) tying down an alien creature. They see Lucy and one says “Oh fuck, this goes wrong doesn’t it?” and then we snap back to reality. Lucy tells us that to the Treader, time means nothing. Jakub looks into a mirror, where a voice tells him “I know what you want. I can send you home. Just help release me.”

    A teenager with a rifle comes in the room, and laughs about the scene he gets to enact in this room where he “kills” people with his rifle. Around this time, Mitch Landstrum breaks into the Hell House, firing a shotgun that inadvertently hits Jakub. As party members talk to Mitch, people smell smoke and realize that the man we met outside has set fire to the house. Also at this point, the kid in the School Shooting Room starts killing people in the room – Chaos has erupted. Jakub kills the boy and Lucy goes upstairs, hoping to figure out how to keep the Treader contained. The Treader begins to materialize in front of her, having spawned from the chaos. Combat ensues, and somehow we defeat it.

    Session closes on us casually walking away from a burning building.

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