Na'wal's Downtime, pt. 3

  • Na’wal stared into the calm, pristine waters of the bay. His face reflected off the water but was disturbed by the smallest of ripples. The 6am fog was thick enough that it prevented him from seeing further than 50 yards in front of him. It served as a reminder to focus: don’t look back, don’t look forward, just focus on the here, right now. He went to dip his feet in the water and recoiled. The waters were frigid. Na’wal was disappointed in himself. Every manifestation of nature was necessary, in some way, and he must accept that as he once did. Being away from his home had brought about changes in himself. Disconnected, he didn’t have the attunement to nature that he so used to thrive on. The fog served as a reminder for him to snap back to reality. There was no time to reminisce.

    He knew he was about to embark on a dangerous task but danger is necessary when lives are at stake. Na’wal thought that his party members would be upset by him risking this by himself but he had to do everything he could to prepare them. They needed to know that underwater escape route if the situation became severe. He must do all that he can to protect them. Further submerging himself into the water, he allowed himself to feel the cold and let it flow through him. As he opened himself to Nature, so too did she. Na’wal could sense the animal spirits coursing through his soul. He embraced the water spirits and started his transition. Four limbs became eight. Now fully under, his gills welcomed the water rather than reject it. Na’wal shot towards the island and thought to himself, “may their weakness become our strength.”

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