Reincarnation Table

  • We'll use this one instead of the table in the AEC.

    Roll Incarnation Lawful Neutral Chaotic
    1 Dwarf Brownie Ape Kobold
    2 Dwarf Gnome Baboon Dworg
    3 Elf Pegasus Centaur Eld
    4 Elf Unicorn Pixie Throghrin
    5 Human Neanderthal Iounian Orc
    6 Human Terrim Mongrelman Ranine
    7 Human Kythirean Kythirean Derrim
    8 Creature Iounian Algoid Thelidu
    9 Same race Blink Dog Ascomoid Ogre
    10 Same race Treant Basidirond Minotaur

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