After the Hell House

  • For the first time in awhile, Jakub sleeps a little bit easier. Although their experience in the Hell House was harrowing, he feels confident that they might have stopped the horror known to them as the Treader in the Dust. Once he's had a moment to collect himself, Jakub decides to check in on two things:

    1. Freddie. Jakub is curious whether the burning down of the Hell House may have reversed his rapid aging.

    2. The Hell House -- Jakub is hopeful that stuff survived the fire. He's hoping to check out and pick through the wreckage, and is wanting to stop by the Firehouse and see if any of the firefighters who were there found anything interesting.

    He'll text anyone who was with him that day to see if they're interested in going. @Lane , @swoooo , @Kyle


  • Clarence is interested...

  • This got psuedo-resolved in the last session. However, I'd like to follow-up if possible @Jonathan-Meadows

    1. Freddie is still old and failing. I'd like to head back (with anyone interested in joining) and tell him about the telescope and the Reverend

    2. I'm still up for checking the wreckage with anyone interested.

    @Lane , @swoooo , @ElliottPaul , @Kyle , @westlemania639

  • You travel to the Jensen farm and what you see when you arrive breaks your heart. Freddie's body sits in a wheel chair on the front porch and an AK47 is by his side. You realize that Freddie, in his despair, put a bullet in his own head. A note sits beside his corpse and reads:

    "Jakub, you're the only friend I ever really had. You changed me, made me a better person, and you've finally succeeded in destroying the telescope, I know because the rest of the Broken seemed to come back to their senses and one by one they all left the farm.

    To be honest, knowing you succeeded, it made me smile, but at this point, I don't have anything left. I'm close to death, and I don't want to die in some fucking dirty hospital, I deserve better than that, so i'm taking matters into my own hands.

    Thank you for everything, my friend,


  • Dungeon Master

    @Jonathan-Meadows aw mannnn, at least Freddie isn't suffering anymore...@Justin grab that AK please....

  • Jakub will take the letter, fold it up and slip it into his pocket. Freddie was a good friend, and if it weren't for him, who knows if Reverend Fitzgerald would have been taken down.

    In the yard behind the Jensen farm, Jakub will find a shovel and dig a shallow grave. Picking up Freddie's body, Jakub will carry it and place his body respectfully in the grave. Jakub will head inside, grab a beer, and arrange it neatly in one of Freddie's hands. And although he knows Freddie can more than take care of himself, Jakub will place the AK-47 in the grave next to Freddie in case he needs to shoot the shit out of anything on the other side.

    "Rest in peace friend" Jakub will think to himself as he re-covers the grave.

  • D:

  • Dungeon Master

    @Justin Phillip texts Jakub, "hey man, did you grab that AK?" lol

  • @ElliottPaul haha.

    Jakub texts back, "Sry Phillip, AK gone. Freddie take life and I bury AK w/ him. Keep it 💯. 💩💩"

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