The Broken and the Blessed (Part 4 - To Hell and Back Again)

  • Players:
    @westlemania639 -- Cyrus Matthews. Died
    @westlemania639 -- Donovan "Boom-Boom" Hunter
    @Kyle -- William Lee. Died
    @Justin -- Jakub Nowak
    @Amanda -- Lucretia Mott
    @ElliottPaul -- Phillip Landrum

    Keeper: @Jonathan-Meadows

    Act 1: Prologue

    It’s early on Super Bowl Sunday and William Lee gets a call from his grandmama Phyllis to come by and fix her computer. When he gets to her home, in a elderly persons trailer park called Quiet Rest Retirement Villa, he sees the super, Jimmy Buck, standing over and trying to calm the convulsing body of Phyllis. William goes out to the road to flag paramedics, but when they get back, Phyllis appears fine and refuses medical treatment. William drives to meet the rest of us at Giovani’s Pizza Place and tells us about Phyllis. We decide to investigate.

    Act 2: Quiet Rest Retirement Villa

    We drive to the trailer park and head to Phyllis’ trailer. She is very dismissive and commands us to leave. Back outside, we notice all the people residing there (including Phyllis) seem to be doing menial tasks (pulling weeds, picking up trash, etc..), and are wearing dark, wrap-around glasses, despite it not being that bright out. On our way to question Jimmy about Phyllis’ accident, we speak to one of the other residents and end up taking their sun glasses off. The person’s eyes are milky white, and when Lucy inspects them, she discovers there is no pulse! Slightly freaked out, we continue onto Jimmy’s and find he is not home. Searching inside, we find a letter from Reverend Fitzgerald of the First United Church of Pinebox that discusses people who will “search for death and not find it” (zombies) and speaks of the coming Rapture.

    Waiting outside, Lucy hears Jimmy returning. He sees her outside his cabin, pulls out a walkie-talkie and we hear “Intruders. Get em!” echo from speakers all around the park. All the old people cease their activities and begin to move towards us. Cyrus comes out and tries to talk Jimmy down. Despite his best efforts, Cyrus only offends Jimmy more… He can barely finish his sentence before Jimmy barrels at him, crowbar in hand, and in one swing buries the hook-end into Cyrus’ skull -- killing him. We kill Jimmy before the elderly zombies reach us, and when he dies, they all stop.

    Searching Jimmy’s body, Phillip finds a gem that he soon discovers can control the undead old folks. We discover that they were killed and reanimated by iron crosses in their homes that were all suffused with some dark magic. We destroy the crosses and when we do, Phyllis and the rest of the people in the retirement park also fall dead. Searching the trailers, we find one that contains the body of a woman who had her heart cut out with a knife. Inside this trailer, we find an invitation from Reverend Fitzgerald for this woman to come to the Observatory to “see the Lord”. At some point during all this, local boxer Donovan “Boom-Boom” Hunter shows up. As we leave, we place Jimmy and Cyrus into Jimmy’s trailer…. and leave all the “zombies” laying out in the middle of the grounds.

    Act 3: Freddie and the Observatory.

    Leaving the Trailer Park, we decide to visit with Freddie. At Freddie’s, we see that he is still growing older and looks to be in poor health. He tells us that Reverend Fitzgerald is planning something big, and that it will be happening that night at the First United Church of Pinebox. Before attending that, we decide to take a final trip to the Observatory.

    As we get there, we see 8 Broken guarding the gate and inner courtyard of the Observatory. Seeing as he had no more use for it, Phillip decided to take Cyrus’ car and use it as a battering ram. Amazingly, he kills 5 of the guards. Combat breaks out with Claude Bryant joining into the fray (the man who took over after Professor Hart was killed in our first encounter with the Blessed and Broken). Even more amazingly, we are able to dispatch them while coming to very little harm ourselves. We loot the observatory, and destroy the telescope. To cover our tracks (and the dead bodies in our wake), we decide to light Cyrus’ car on fire and blow up / burn down the Observatory.

    Act 4: First United Church of Pinebox

    We finally head to the First United Church of Pinebox, intent on bringing down Reverend Fitzgerald and putting an end to the “Blessed and the Broken.” At the church, we find hundreds of people packed inside. Reverend Fitzgerald is at the pulpit delivering a fiery sermon about opening the doors of Heaven when he pulls out a human heart, shouts a verse in Hebrew and stabs the heart with a knife. The stained glass behind the Reverend shatters violently, and a giant being with massive wings, jet black skin, golden hair and a crown of thorns flies through. Initially stunned, the church erupts into chaos as the creature swipes it claws at the Reverend and tears his head clean from his shoulders. In the midst of the chaos, we all scatter in different directions: Boom-Boom fleeing like a bitch, Phillip running outside to try and get to a back entrance, Jakub creeping around trying to observe the creature, and Lucy knocking over and lighting an urn of holy oil on fire. William Lee, in a fit of madness after seeing the creature, walks towards it as it is killing worshippers and kneels before it. The “angel” picks him up and squeezes him to death without hesitation. Lucy, with the burning holy oil between her and the angel, fires a shot at the creature. The bullet passes through the fire, picks up some of the oil as it passes and when it hits the creature, it erupts in a ball of light and energy.

    With the telescope destroyed, the Reverend dead, the First United Church of Pinebox in shambles, the cult of the Broken and Blessed dismantled, and yet another eldritch horror dispatched, those of us who survived head home to process what in the hell we just experienced and grieve those we lost.

    ---ROLL CREDITS---

  • This was a hell of a game.

  • Dungeon Master

    @Justin (clapping hands emoji)

  • Cyrus Matthews Found Dead at Quiet Rest Retirement Villas
    In other news, the Pinebox Gazette’s own Cyrus Matthews was found dead on Sunday at the Quiet Rest Retirement Villas just outside of the Pinebox city limits. Reports say that Cyrus was found in bed with Super of the trailer park, Jimmy Buck, with a severe room to the head. Mr. Buck was also found deceased with several bullet wounds. The police are still investigating the matter, but the story doesn’t end there. Ten other bodies were found on the premises, nine of which apparently died of heart failure and one other body that was said to be missing a heart. The police are not releasing the names of the other deceased at this time as efforts are still underway to notify the families.

    A String of Unexplained Deaths at the First Church of Pinebox
    An angel was reported at the First Church of Pinebox and several dead bodies were found at the church. One witness was quoted as saying, “That was one pissed off angel, man. It took the head clean off ole reverend Fitzgerald. You should have seen it, it was awesome.”

    Pinebox native and famous author William Lee is said to have perished at the hands of this angel. Police are still investigating but suspect some kind of hallucinogenic drug was involved.

  • @Jonathan-Meadows

    Nothing on the Observatory? Or is that outside Pinebox-proper?

  • @Justin

    It's outside of Pinebox city limits, but in all honesty, the carnage probably hasn't been discovered yet.

  • Knight Dungeon Master

    Don't forget Cyrus's vehicle was not at the scene and was discovered at the observatory, and Cyrus was found with a signed copy of William Lee's book in his possession.

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