Magic Items Qs

  • Just to clarify rules on magic items.

    Question: if I have a magic javelin and throw it at a troll, and miss; does the item make its way back to me? If so when?
    or do I have to go find it after the battle (if we won), if so how likely is it that I will find it? Is there a chance of losing it?

    Essentially I want to know if magical hybrid weapons, weapons that serve as both melee and range (daggers, javs, axes), will be returned to the character after being used? So long as it makes reasonable sense.

  • Can we have items enchanted?

  • It really just depends on the item. Some return, some don't. Generally, thrown spears, javelins, axes, etc. are easy to find after a battle compared to arrows.

    Enchanting items requires a very high level magic-user to perform research. Generally, something NPCs won't do for PCs. You'll have to find enchanted items.

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