The Dreamlands

  • I have run a session where the characters entered the dreamlands*, and a couple other sessions where the dreamlands were referenced. This topic explains the rules for how the dreamlands work, at least when I am GMing. Other GMs may run the dreamlands differently. The dreamlands are not bound by the rules of logic, so there is no requirement of consistency.

    (* Not to be confused with the Dreamland Amusement Park outside of Pinebox. That's a place that is at least partly in the real world. This topic is about the alternate shared dimension that characters can enter while they are dreaming)

    Dreamlands Rules

    • For every hour that passes in the real world, one day passes in the dreamlands. Dreamers do not age in the dreamlands, but when they re-enter the dreamlands, they have aged at the rate they aged in the real world.

    • In the dreamlands everyone speaks and understands the same language. Dreamers from different countries who speak different languages in the waking world will find themselves speaking the same language in the dreamlands. A book written in an unknown foreign language that is physically transported to the dreamlands will be understandable in the dreamlands as if it were written in the reader's own language.

    • First time dreamers will normally appear in the Cavern of Flame before descending the 700 steps to the Gate of Deeper Slumber, which leads to the Enchanted Forest. They will then lose d4/1 SAN and gain a dreaming skill = 1/5 WILL (their extreme WILL save).

    • Experienced dreamers will normally appear in the dreamlands at the place where they last left when they woke up. A dreamer can enter at the Cavern of Flame instead by making a dreaming skill check (if they know they can try). If they make an extreme dreaming check, they can reappear at any other public place in the dreamlands that they have visited before.

    • If you are killed or knocked unconscious by a major wound in the dreamlands, your dream will end. You will disappear in the dreamlands and wake up in the real world. You can also end your dream by succeeding in a dreaming skill check. If it fails, you can try again each day in the dreamlands (each hour of sleep).

    • Any physical wounds that a dreamer suffers will disappear when they exit and re-enter the dreamlands. A dreamer who dies in the dreamlands will lose d20/d4 SAN but will be able to re-enter the dreamlands.

    • If you are killed in the real world while dreaming, you will continue to live in the dreamlands until you are also killed in the dreamlands.

    • Dreamers can change their immediate environment in the dreamlands by using their dreaming skill and expending magic points. This always requires a full round of concentration (taking no other action).
      ...To change a minor detail requires a dreaming skill check and costs 1 magic point (whether it succeeds or fails). Examples: acquiring a small item such as a dagger or coin, or wearing different shoes.
      ...To change a significant detail requires a hard dreaming skill check and costs d4 magic points (whether it succeeds or fails). Examples: causing chains that bind you to disappear, suddenly having armor or a purse full of gold, a boat appearing as you are drowning, a minor NPC disappearing, such as a street vendor, shortening a journey.
      ...To change a major detail requires an extreme dreaming skill check and costs d12 magic points (whether it succeeds or fails). Examples: a dangerous opponent disappearing, creating a castle that appears over the next hill, being able to fly.


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