Slur XXVI, 2/26

  • Dungeon Master

    A Murder of Marcrow

    Normally Moonthrone's diminutive birdmen are easy to ignore. Just throw them a copper or a scrap of bread and they'll thank you and scurry away. But not now.
    A crowd has gathered in the street at the base of one of the city's mysterious mooncoral towers. Looking up, you see maybe a hundred of the simian bird-things crawling and gliding in slow circles around a mansion built onto the side of the white spire.

    A dogman city guard rides up astride his giant lizard mount and begins to disperse the crowd. "Move along, nothing to see here!" he yells, as he jumps down and sidles up next to you.

    "Agern paid me good money to look the other way, but I can't let this go on much longer," he says to you under his breath. "I can give you an hour or so, three tops, then we're going in, whatever Agern says he can pay."

    You've been hired by Agern Havenbender, prominent member of the Waxing Coin, Moonthrone's Merchant Guild, to rid his home of an infestation of filthy marcrow, sometimes colloquially known as rat-birds. For some reason, he wanted it done discreetly, without the City Watch's attention. That might be harder than you expected.

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