Strange Shapes Part 1

  • Players:
    @Reuben – Joshua Lee. High School Nerd
    @ElliottPaul – Phillip Landrum. Engineer / Sugarbaby
    Tim – Richard Peters. Private Detective
    @Kyle – Bushrod Johnson. Soldier from WW2. “Agency” Member
    @westlemania639 – Donovan “Boom-Boom” Hunter. Boxer / Local Celebrity.
    @Justin – Jakub Nowak. Survivalist.

    Keeper: @Jonathan-Meadows


    A 17-year old boy, Kyle Dennis, miraculously returned home after he was found murdered 10 years earlier. The man convicted of the killing, Harry Coury, was executed for his crimes. For newspaper clippings, check out Teen Returns Home After 10 Years

    Act 1: Pizza, Murders and Conspiracies Oh My!

    The intrepid investigators get together at Giovani’s Pizza Place and begin discussing Kyle Dennis’ story. Something doesn’t add up to them, so they begin to research the case, learning the following information:

    • Harry Coury had been the Public Lands Commissioner of New Mexico. Around the time of Kyle Dennis’ murder, Coury was embroiled in a dispute with an organization called Anaconda Energy. AE wanted to expand their fracking operations into Pinebox, which Coury blocked. After Coury was convicted, AE was able to get the permissions they needed.
    • When Kyle’s body was found, his brain was missing.
    • Kyle Dennis was found on Coury’s property by a man named Nathan Hall. Hall works for a company called Ophidian Entertainment, which they discovered is a subsidiary of Anaconda Energy.

    This information lead them to believe a conspiracy is afoot.

    Act 2: Split the Party – Cause that’s always a good idea

    With this information, the party begins investigating the threads of the mystery. Part of the party goes to Pinebox Cemetery, as they are curious about the dead body of Kyle – because how can he both alive and dead!? While at the cemetery, they learn that a Parade of the Dead will take place in the coming weeks to honor the dead. They also run into a police officer who begins to tell them that the FBI has taken over the case before getting angry with them and leaving. They decide to go back that evening to exhume the body.

    Another segment of the party heads out to the Dennis home, hoping to meet with alive Kyle – because how can he be both alive and dead!? On the way, they pass an Anaconda Energy truck on the side of the road. Getting out to check on it, they see a “man” clutching his face and screaming, saying things like “Old, old!” and “Yig!” He was tearing at his face, black-ish blood pouring out of him and his skin was covered in what appeared to be scales. Freaked out, they call the rest of the party before moving on.

    Part 3: The Gang’s All Together and Weird S*** Happens

    The party gets together and examines this dead “thing”. They determine that it is not human because not only does it have scales, but also fangs and a forked tongue. A map is found in the truck that points to a gas well near the Dennis house. Continuing to the Dennis', the party asks to speak with Kyle privately. It is observed that Kyle is acting weirdly, choosing his words slowly, and walking in an awkward fashion. When pressed, “Kyle” eventually reveals his true nature: that he is a Formless Shape – a writhing black mass that found Kyle’s brain in a cave and absorbed his memories and essence. “Kyle” tells them that he has no memory of actual Kyle being killed, having not seen it coming. Weird as all of this is, they believe that “Kyle” poses no real threat to his parents or to anyone else, so the party doesn’t attack him.

    Feeling more secure that this is a conspiracy, but having no concrete evidence of it, the party decides to check out the Gas Well to get more information on Anaconda Energy. When they reached the mine, a grisly sight awaited them: a number of dead bodies all in a pile and a single man sitting on a rock, making one of the victims dance as if he were a marionette. As the party sneaks up on him, the man calls each of us out by name. Abandoning the ambush, he introduces himself as Nyarlathotep. In a very non-chalant manner, he imparts a lot of information:

    • Kyle Dennis’ brain was removed by creatures called Mi-go’s, although little else was learned about them.
    • Serpent-people, like the one found in the Anaconda Energy truck, have infiltrated Pinebox. Members of the City Council, including the Mayor, are all Serpent-people.
    • The serpent-people are searching for their ancient ancestors, who they believe are entombed underneath Pinebox. Once their ancestors are found and released, they believe they can take over the world.
    • The serpent-people serve a deity known as Yig.

    Nyarlathotep believes the serpent-people should not be messing with this. And while he indicates that he could likely take care of this himself, he seems to request the party’s help in stopping them. The party walks away from the conversation unsure of what to think and how to feel.

    Act 4: Some weird guy

    The party heads to talk to Nathan Hall, the man who found Kyle Dennis’ body as he is the last loose end that could conceivably be tied up in short order. He was boring haha.

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