LFG - D&D 5E - 3 Players for Lost Mines of Phandelver into Princes of the Apocalypse

  • Hello all ... I am interested in recruiting two players to take part in an upcoming D&D 5E game. I have always really enjoyed running through the published materials, and the hectic pace of life leaves me little time to plan a campaign.

    What?: 5E D&D, 1st Level Characters, Lost Mines of Phandelver, leading into Princes of the Apocalypse. I realize that this opens me up to folks reading the material ahead of time, but let's just utilize the honor code with that ... what say?

    Who?: My wife and I, so far. I've been gaming for 25 years, she has never gamed before. We are busy professional types and we have little ones, so we are really keen on the idea of finding a couple who are interested in playing, even if that meant only 3 total players in the game ... though single players are welcome also.

    When?: I do not have a start date yet, and won't until we can find interested players and start a conversation about what works for others. Whatever the day, we are likely to do every other week. I am open to weekdays or weekends, but weekdays will limit our playing time significantly (the aforementioned little ones).

    Where?: I live in Valley Station, and we could play at my home with little issue. I'm also open to playing elsewhere as long as the location is pet free.

  • My husband, Jeff Gaither has been looking for a group to play/get involved with. Jeff is a professional artist, so is somewhat flexible about dates and times to play. I myself have never been a player of any such type of game, so I would not be a participant, not right away anyhow! Lol!I would love to learn more about this game, but I am extremely busy in life right now, so wouldn't really have the time to commit. Please keep me posted on this and what I need to have Jeff do or who he needs to contact or talk to or anything about it. He is not online a whole lot, but would get on if needed to talk to somebody about joining this game. He used to play D & D a lot and was DM, so he is not a complete "newbie", but I am not sure to what extent his familiarity and detailed knowledge of the new 5e is, but he is super smart (at least I think so lol), so I am sure he could pick it up right off the bat! Lol! We look forwad to hearing back on this for him! TIA! :-) Here is a link to his art website if you want to check out who he is, etc. :-)
    The Art of Jeff Gaither

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