• Is Nerd Louisville going to have a table (for fundrasing) in conglomeration's dealer room? We should...

  • Have pictures of what the Nerd Louisville does with its money to help the community and little nerds in and around Louisville.

  • I think part of the issue is staffing it and ROI. But, maybe @Jonathan-Meadows can chime in. He's in charge of promotions.

  • Well I know that louisville boardgames folded. So no one is running their boardgame checkout because there is none. So we might wrangle a freel table in the gaming room if we can get some boardgames together (either from ourselves orKaiju, Games on tap or something like that) and schedule some people to host a check in-out program, we could do that and have our stuff there for donations....if we move quick.

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    Matt, have you been in contact with Conglomeration? From my contact with them, it hasn't seemed like this is possible. Maybe we should take this chat off the forum though. Hit me up through IM and we can talk. I'm willing to donate time and run some games if it benefits NL.

  • Sounds good!

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