Session 2 - The Path of Mavors

  • Notes

    The session got off to a slow start because of bringing in new players, one of which had to roll up characters. The next session we should be able to kick right off.


    • Midol the Reliever (1st Level Human Cleric)
    • Castor Troy (1st Level Human Thief)
    • El Sid (1st Level Human Fighter) and his squire Ludvan (0th Level Human)
    • Butch (1st Level Human Fighter) and then Reylas (1st Level Magic-User)
    • Cade Merrick (1st Level Magic-User)
    • Onak Goldencock (1st Level Dwarf Fighter-Thief)


    Early Winter - 12th - Midday: The party decides to return to base-camp with Ludvan for him to get bedrest. They make their way back through the caverns and clumsily help Ludvan out of the stone chimney. The DDs have decided to establish a base-camp at the bottom of the crevasse into the Moon Pool room.

    Early Winter - 12th - Dusk: Back at base-camp, the party divvies the recent expedition's treasure haul and puts Ludvan to bedrest. Meanwhile, Cade has been attempting to learn Charm Person from the scroll found in the dwarven entrance room. He fails and can never learn the spell. Reylas attempts as well and similarly fails. Finally, it is [@JohnY's character] who can learn the spell. Cade, however, does learn Dispel Magic and Summon Monster I. The party spends the night at base-camp.

    Early Winter - 13th - Dawn: The party sets out to enter the Moon Pool room. This time, Cade and Onak are in tow. The party decides to explore the webbed hallway previously unexplored. They find the hall deeply covered in webs and husks that seem to have been previously looted - strangely by something akin to giant vermin. Cade detects no magic in the room while Butch and Onak are ambushed. A battle ensues with three giant spiders. Butch is bitten and dies. Onak is bitten and is poisoned, but Cade puts together a quick poultice that seems to suck the poison from Onak's wound. The party loots the cavern and finds but a few copper pieces. After but a few hours, with the death of a party member, they return to base-camp once again. The party decides to rest overnight to recuperate.

    Note: Moon phase determined to be Waning Gibbous.

    Early Winter - 14th - Dawn: The party decides to replace Butch's hole in the party with the magic-user, Reylas. They return to the caverns through the Moon Pool. This time, the party made their way back to the door they had barricaded. Beyond that room, they discover a room with three brass boxes that have a series of dials, knobs, and sliders on it. Castor experiments with it and steams shoots out, scalding him slightly.

    Early Winter - 14th - Late Morning: The party explores northward, finding a ruined laboratory and library. Within, they find a few potions still intact (experimenting, they presume them to be Potions of Gaseous Form, Human Control, and Water Breathing). They also find a scroll (Protection from Evil), a chronicle of the birth of a man named Turms Termax, a judge's handbook for an ancient Thulian game of zatrikio, and a tome of war (Arto Bellumoi) that can be studied for experience. Continuing north, they enter a large hallway that leads in the four cardinal directions. We shall call this, the Path of Mavors, due to the large statue of Mavors in the center of the intersection. Though, the head of the statue has been replaced with that of an ancient bearded man. Both Cade and Midol presume this is actually Turms Termax's head upon the body of Mavors - a heresy.

    Early Winter - 14th - Late Morning: The party continues exploring the Path of Mavors south toward a cave-in. Reylas braves beyond the cave-in alone, finding a passage with strange, metallic silvery bubbles (that goes unexplored), a doorway that leads to the room with the brass boxes previously discovered, and a strange set of double-doors caked in soot that have strange symbols beneath the soot. He doesn't investigate these doors further, instead returning to the party.

    Early Winter - 14th - Late Morning: Hoping to connect the dots with their map and the map found on the dead woman, the party explores westward in the Path of Mavors. They enter a room that contains strange apparitions that seem to be echoes of a past experience of ancient Thulian soldiers playing a game of zatrikio. They argue about a maneuver called Asana's Challenge. By luck or Tyche's whim, this is precisely the page the judge's handbook previously found was bookmarked at. Onak, being the only one able to understand the apparition's speech, uses the book to somehow communicate with them. The echoes fade and Onak is blessed by Asana with a permanent +1 to initiative for the first round of combat when scouting (using the principles found in Asana's Challenge through the echoes) and a temporary (24-hour) bonus to AC (-1).

    We end there.

    Until next time....

    Please feel free to add details that are important I may have missed.

  • Reylas is my last name spelled backwards.

  • @Judge_John said in Session 2 - The Path of Mavors:

    Reylas is my last name spelled backwards.

    AH! Nice. Will update.

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