Double D's Community Chest

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    Current Account Balance After Session 23
    1,499 gp

    Community Property
    Stone bodies of Onak, Cromdar and Gurdal.
    1 Suit Banded mail
    1 Suit Chain mail
    1 Suit Scale mail
    1 Great sword (2-handed)
    4 Suits Studded Leather
    2x Silver Dagger
    5 Shields
    7 Javelins
    6 Polearms
    5 Shortbows
    8 Shortswords
    Constellation Machine Battery
    Electrical, hex rod for machine on Level 3
    Metal Disk (key to elevator shaft?)
    Wand of Magic Missiles (1 Charge)
    Whistle of Opening (6 charges) - Football Item
    Black, ornate key
    Varazes' Journal
    5 thin Metal Plates w/ diagrams of machines (Varazes')
    Arto Bellumoi
    Secrets of Bone Magic
    Inquiry into Reptilian Dissection
    Principles of Axiomatic Power
    A Theory on the Nature of Demonology
    2200 gp Research Laboratory
    4 Silver "Hazmat" Suits
    5 Sacks of Laserdisks (from Level 3)
    Iron Lantern (3 Lenses) - Football Item
    2 x Caduceus of Terms Termax - Football Item
    Decanter of Endless Water - Football Item
    Scroll of Ward against Undead x2 - 1 Football Item
    Scrolls from Reylas' spellbook (Detect Magic, Read Magic, Scribe, Identify, Color Spray) - Football Item
    4 Red Potions - (radiate magic, but no discoverable properties. Failed potions?)
    5 Capsules of Quick Casting
    3 unknown potions (taken from the Laboratory in session 14)
    1 unknown vial of clear liquid (taken from Varazes' chamber)
    1 unknown test tube of liquid (taken from southeastern area of The Reliquary)

    1st Level Scrolls:
    Hypnotism x2 - 1 Football item
    Detect Magic
    Protection from Evil x3 - 1 Football item
    Dancing Lights

    2nd Level Scrolls
    Fool's Gold
    Deafness x2 - 1 Football Item
    Amnesia x2 - 1 Football Item
    Magic Mouth
    False Trap

    3rd Level Scrolls
    Dispel Magic
    Protection from Evil, 10' radius x2 - 1 Football item
    Hold Person
    Protection from Fire
    Monster Summoning I

    4th Level Scrolls
    Arcane Eye
    Wall of Fire
    Plant Growth
    Remove Curse x2 - 1 Football Item
    Monster Summoning II

    6th level Scrolls

    Varazes' Spellbook:

    1st Level Spells

    2nd Level Spells

    Reylas' Spellbook:

    1st Level Spells
    Hold Portal
    Magic Missile
    Shocking Grasp

    2nd Level Spells
    Mirror Image
    Continual Light
    Ray of Enfeeblement

  • Ven

    Math below, total updated in first post...

    -450 (Platemail for Arry)
    -100 (Salary for Jacotte)
    -15 (Wages for 5 Mercs)
    Total: 801

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    Account balance after Session 6:

    691 gp
    +875 gp (Community share)
    -182 gp (provisioning Forward Base)
    -110 gp (Amyon's wages)

    1274 gp

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    Account Balance after Session 7

    1274 gp
    -400 (Humphries' Plate mail)

    1446 gp

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    Account Balance after Session 8

    1446 gp
    +75 gp (Community Share)
    -30 gp (Thieves' Tools for Kuk)

    1491 gp

    GP Shares:
    150 gp (Earry)
    135 gp (Hans)
    130 gp (Humphrey, Kuk, Anomander)

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    Account Balance after Session 9:

    1491 gp
    +269 (Community Share)

    1760 gp

    GP Shares:

    507 gp (Humphrey)
    407 gp (Francis, Bren, Reylas, Anomander)

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    Account Balance after Session 10:

    760 gp
    -450 (El Cid's Plate mail)
    -30 (Mercenary wages)
    +445 (Party share)

    725 gp

    GP Shares:

    683 gp (Francois, Bren, El Cid, Humphrey, Reylas)

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    Account balance after Session 11:

    725 gp
    -450 gp (Bren's plate mail)
    -10 gp (Porter's wages)
    +374 gp (Community Chest)

    639 gp

    Party Shares:
    Round 1: 306 gp (Bren, Francois, El Cid, Reylas, Distaff)
    Round 2: 459 gp (Francois, El Cid, Reylas, Distaff) + 75 gp Distaff (for thievery)

    We also have an unidentified magic wand and ruby ring to divy up...

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    Account Balance after Session 12 (Marathon Lake Session)

    Note: We returned to Muntburg a total of 5 times, but I'm combining all the totals below.

    Starting GP:
    639 gp
    +3113 (Party fund)
    -200 (Howard the Ducking Fighter's wages)
    -450 (Plate mail for Gurdal)
    -450 (Plate mail for Humphrey)
    -450 (Plate mail for Midol)
    -100 (Resupplied our forward base)

    2102 gp

    Party Shares:

    6,848 gp (Francios, Gurdal, Humphrey, Distaff)

    We've a ton of spells and two enchanted weapons that are now in the Community Chest. We also recovered Cade's gear and missing spellbook from the Hobgoblin King. ( @Jackson What spells were in your book? We couldn't find a list for them on your loadout sheet.) The blades, a long sword dedicated to Asana called Dwimmersmite and a white-handled dagger called Athemea of Law. Both weapons are Lawfully aligned. The sword's purpose is to kill Eld, Elves and Magic-users and demands to be wielded by a Lawful fighter, while the dagger requires a Lawful Magic-user to wield it. Other than that, we know nothing of their specific powers.

    The castable spells (I'll list them in the first post of this thread) and the two blades are to be divided by @Judge_John, @TomunistParty, and @Jackson as they see fit.

    We surreptitiously discovered the properties of the Yellow potions we found near the vampire vines, they're potions of Gaseous Form. Still no idea about the Red and Blue potions.

    We also found 3 chests of ancient tomes that will hopefully put a dent in some of our missing Dwimmermount Lore, so backup PCs need to start reading those ASAP.

  • Ven

    Session 13

    We've yet to exit the dungeon to gain xp/gp, but some bookkeeping is still in order.

    Starting GP:
    -450 gp (Donel's Plate mail)
    -200 gp (Widows and Orphans Fund for deceased mercenaries)

    1452 gp

    Also, so we can track for next session we have: Seven unidentified magic scrolls, a 300 gp gold and turquoise bracer, a 50 gp silver lock and key, two silver "hazmat suits" with helmets and the following books to be added to the DD Laboratory/Library value: Secrets of Bone Magic, Inquiry into Reptilian Dissection, Principles of Axiomatic Power, and A Theory on the Nature of Demonology,

  • Ven

    Account balance after Session 14

    Note: I'll list all the items we are currently carrying at the end of this post that we have yet to carry out of Dwimmermount. I've also updated the spell list to include the seven new scrolls we found and removed the spells Strength and Continual Light that Reylas added to his spellbook.

    Starting Balance:
    1,452 gp
    -5 gp (Porter's wages)
    +85 gp (Community Share)

    Party Share: 128 gp

    1,532 gp

    Stuff still carried:
    1 Plate mail
    500 sp
    250 gp (Silver Tankards)
    3 unknown vials
    3 Silver Hazmat Suits
    The dagger Isendal
    Asst. Jewelry: 200 gp, 200 gp, 400 gp, 1,300 gp, 1,700 gp
    Asst. Gems: 50 gp, 75 gp, 10 gp, 75 gp, 50 gp, 100 gp
    3,300 gp of spare Constellation Machine parts
    Adamantium chest w/ battery?

  • Ven

    Account Balance after Session 15

    Note: Round 1 includes all the loot from the previous session that we recovered and Round 2 is last night's haul. @Jackson Would you PM me the correct spelling of your Cleric? Also, spells are updated above with regard to scrolls found and once @Mike lists the contents of the spellbook I'll update. Community equipment is also updated.

    Round 1

    Starting Total: 1,532 gp
    +776 gp (Community Share)
    2,308 gp

    PC Share:
    1,164 gp (Reylas, Hans, Humphrey, El Cid, Goesil, Distaff)

    Round 2

    Starting Total: 2,308 gp
    -5 gp (Porter's wages)
    +1,420 gp (Community Share)
    3,723 gp

    PC Share: 1,826 gp (Reylas, Hans, Alexandros, El Cid, Hawthorne, Goesil, Distaff)

  • Varazes' Spellbook:

    1st Level Spells

    Charm Person
    Comprehend Languages
    Magic Missile

    2nd Level Spells

    Arcane Lock

  • Ven

    Account Balance after Session 16

    Because of our pathetic haul, there is no donation to the DD Community Fund this session. Communal property has been updated in first post to reflect changes from last night. Also, +1 Longsword to Hans, +1 Shield to Ironhead and Periapt of Health to Humphrey.

    PC Share
    10 gp (Reylas, Hans, Humphrey, Ironhead, Distaff)

  • Ven

    Account Balance after Session 17

    I've updated the community loot with everything (I hope) so let me know if something is missing or added that shouldn't be there. We found a clear potion in a test tube (unknown) in a southeastern border room of The Reliquary, three burgundy potions (unknown), the Cloak of Caint (Ironhead), +1 Platemail (Goesil), two Lozenges of Donn (Raise Dead) and a Decanter of Endless Water.

    Round 1

    Starting Total: 3,723 gp
    +556 gp (Community Share)
    -100 gp (resupply Level 1 FOB)
    4,179 gp

    PC Share:
    716 gp (Reylas, Hans, Alexander, El Cid, Goesil, Ironhead, Distaff)

    Round 2

    Starting Total: 4,179 gp
    No Community Fund donation
    -500 gp (create MU scrolls)
    3,679 gp

    PC Share:
    22 gp (Taurak, Shamoo, Humphrey/Alexander, Hawthorne/Ironhead, Goesil, Midol/Distaff)

  • Ven

    Account Balance after Session 18

    Two PCs dead. Wights, zombies, flaming petroleum jelly ooze, carrion crawler and giant ticks fought.

    Community Share: Nada
    Party Share: Dick Butkus

  • Ven

    Updating Community Funds for the month of Late Winter

    Starting Balance: 3,679 gp
    -400 gp (Moon Pool FOB wages and upkeep)
    -100 gp (Moon Pool Commander's wages)
    -345 gp (Equipping three ORCs)

    Ending Balance: 2,834 gp

  • Ven

    Three PCs dead. Picked up a little loot. Added a Chime of Opening to the group property. Marking off used potions in first post and the spells added by Reylas (Ray of Enfeeblement, Scare). Earry on bed rest for 7 weeks starting Late Winter 11.

    Account Balance after Session 19

    Starting Balance: 2,834 gp
    -1,800 (Install FOB Varazes and one month's wages)
    +605 (Community share)

    Ending Balance: 1,639

    Party Share: 778 gp (El Cid, Reylas, Hans, Aaron's Elf, Humphrey, Goesil, Distaff)

  • Ven

    Session 20

    Good session. No one died at the table (sorry Bugman) and we got some good loot to cash in whenever we get back to Muntburg. We also struck a good deal with The Seekers. Below are some bookkeeping and notes:

    Account Balance after Session 20
    Starting: 1,639
    -150 (6 vials of Holy Water)
    -200 (Humphey's Dispel Evil ritual)

    Ending Balance: 1,289

    Treasure stored at FOB:
    3 x 100gp gems
    250gp potential for Codex of Lewdness (or 250 xp if destroyed)
    2 scrolls (Haste, Fireball, Fumble)
    Book of lore acquired from The Seekers

    Notes: Struck a deal to allow The Seekers safe harbor in the Moon Pool FOB for 250gp per day.

    Adventurers this session: Bren, Reylas, El Cid, Humphrey/Volodar, Hans, Distaff/Midol.

  • Ven

    Session 21
    Great session. Lot's of new things on 3rd level discovered and good loot.

    Account Balance after Session 21
    Starting Balance: 1,289
    +780 gp (Community fund)

    Party Share: 1,172 gp (Steve, Hans, Reylas, Volodar/Humphrey, Bren, Midol/Distaff)
    +75 gp (El Cid, Hans, Reylas and Distaff ONLY for selling Codex of Lewdness)

    Ending Balance: 2,069 gp

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