Session 3 - Boarmen, Blast Doors, and Demons, Oh My!

  • Notes

    We got off to a nice start, did a lot of exploring, however, the mid-break back at Muntburg slowed down despite pushing off some stuff to the forum. Let’s try to focus on being more efficient when it comes to returning to town. Divvy up treasure, heal, and head back.

    We determined randomly that the book found that grants Fighter’s a 500 XP bonus is written in High Thulian. In order to get this bonus XP, any Fighter who can read this language must study the tome for a week and then succeed at an Intelligence check (roll 3d6 under stat). Success indicates the Fighter has gleaned insight from the tome. Failure indicates the Fighter has not, though may continue studying for another week (and thus gain another check). A Fighter that fails three times just doesn’t get it and cannot continue study.


    • Midol the Reliever (1st Level Human Cleric)
    • Castor Troy (1st Level Human Thief)
    • El Sid (1st Level Human Fighter) and his squire Ludvan (0th Level Human)
    • Reylas (1st Level Magic-User) and then Earry (1st Level Dwarf Fighter)
    • Cade Merrick (1st Level Magic-User)
    • Onak Goldencock (1st Level Dwarf Fighter-Thief)


    Early Winter - 14th - Late Morning: The party continued exploring north and west beyond the Thulian echoes and encountered a strange pillar that seemed to make Onak become uncharacteristically docile. Detecting magic, it becomes clear that the pillar and Onak radiate magic and it is believed that going near the pillar might cause this magical effect. The door south seemed to lead into a hallway and initially the group decided to go in that direction, but Reylas heard a strange clanking sound coming beyond the door to the north.

    Early Winter - 14th - Late Morning: The party decides to investigate the clanking. Castor Troy discovers a party of boar-headed men with oddly similar features attempting to break into a room. The party sets a trap to lure the orcs into the pillar room and beyond into spread oil. The trap succeeds and most of the orcs are ignited when Reylas hits the oil with a torch. A fight ensues and the orcs are slain, except one who escapes. However, in the battle, Ludvan is mortally wounded by an orcish spear, slain instantly. The orcs aren’t well-armed, but do carry several sacks of gold.

    Early Winter - 14th - Midday: Determined to return to camp (and ultimately Muntburg) with this loot, the party decides to investigate only as much as the room the orcs were attempting to get into. An unintelligible voice and creaking can be heard north and to the east, but this is ignored. The orcs had seemingly busted into a small cell, but no obvious signs of treasure or points of interest were discovered. So, the party hastily makes their way back to the surface, using their map to find a relatively straightforward path. The party makes it back to camp but are told by fellow Double Ds that bandits had to be forced away. The party then returns to Muntburg to purchase supplies and reinforcements for the camp.

    Early Winter - 15th - Dawn: The party finally arrives back at Muntburg, a long trek considering they had to carry the body of Ludvan, El Sid’s squire. Treasure is divided and much revelry and tithing ensues. A celebration of the first successful haul from Dwimmermount for the Double Ds. Word spreads that such a find was discovered. El Sid returns Ludvan’s body to begins to study the Arto Bellumoi. His week of study ends on the 22nd of Early Winter (when Tom can make an Intelligence throw to see if his studying is successful). Cade studies the effects of true water and the Moon Pool etchings. The party decides to spend two days in Muntburg resting.

    Early Winter - 17th - Dawn: After two days, the party sets out once again, this time with Alewood a Cleric of Tyche in tow to replace El Sid and Earry a dwarven Fighter to replace Reylas.

    Early Winter - 17th - Midday: The party arrives back at camp and furnishes reinforcements (TBD) and supplies. Again, the party enters through the Moon Pool cavern. Noting an unexplored passage off to the south, and hoping to secure this area, the DDs send Earry and Onak ahead to see what lies down the descending tunnel. It is layered with moss and mold, and the dwarves also note three large mushrooms that seem to emit a heavier heat. They call for backup, but as the humans bear their torches down into the cavern the light seems to distress the three large mushrooms and they begin shrieking! This draws the attention of a party of boar-headed orcs who are lured to the sound. Meanwhile, Alewood and Castor Troy were supposed to be pulling security at the top of the passage. However, they decide to post up above the ledge overlooking the Moon Pool, hiding while the orcs corner the rest of the party down the mushroom passage.

    Early Winter - 17th - Afternoon: The party members down the shrieker passage find themselves in a standoff with the orcs. Luckily, Cade speaks Low Thulian as does one of the orcs. The orc negotiates an 18 gp bribe to leave the party alone. Cade agrees and pays his way out. The orcs leave and disappear into the dungeon.

    Early Winter - 17th - Late Afternoon: The party reforms and makes its way back to the strange, nephelite doors near the strange brass boxes discovered on a previous sortie. Cade wipes away the soot and grime and realizes there are symbols of import on the doors - a cross and circle symbol. Something else must tie to these doors as there doesn’t appear to be any obvious way of opening them. The party continues west, entering a room with strange metallic floating bubbles. Midol touches one and it bursts and harms him. The party decides to pop them all from a distance and leave a blanket covering the bubbling azoth in the corner. Graffiti on the wall suggests to “Drink the azoth…” but this is ignored.

    Early Winter - 17th - Dusk: Continuing northward, the party discovers a chamber that seems to have once been a dining room. A strange glow of orange light emanates from an ancient kitchen nearby. Earry kicks open the kitchen door to find seven fire beetles, but he quickly closes the door and the table is pushed up against the door to blockade it. Then, as the party is searching the room, the dwarves discover a swiveling secret door behind a rotting tapestry. The door spins open to a demonic figure wielding a flaming sword. The party prepares to run, but by happenstance Castor throws a dagger that strikes the figure and it disappears. It was merely an illusion. Beyond the secret door, a looted treasury is found, though some treasures still remain: coins, gems, and a rod of opening with 8 charges.

    The party decides to hole up behind the secret door and rest for the night. We end there with the plan to use the rod of opening on the nephelite blast doors in the morning.

    Until next time....

    Please feel free to add details that are important I may have missed.

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