Food / Water / Encumbrance

  • I'll have some sheets prepared for this by next week to make this way less confusing. :smile:

  • This sheet takes into account size, space, and weight incorporated into measurements of stone. Each circle = 1 stone. If there are items in a space, fill in the bubble (rounding up to 1 stone). Checkboxes can be used to track bundled items, arrows, etc.

    Explanation of Each Section


    For all your weapons and armor. You can have as many as there are slots (armor, shield, 3 weapon slots).

    • Armor: Light = fill in 1 circle, Medium = 2, Heavy = 4.
    • Scabbard: Large scabbard slot for primary weapon. If filled, mark circle.
    • Strap: For long weapons that don't use a scabbard, like spears, polearms, etc. Again, if filled, mark circle.
    • Shield: If you carry a shield (whether wielded or slung), mark circle.
    • Sheath: For smaller weapons (shortsword) -OR- light throwing weapons (bundled in 3), darts, javelins, daggers, etc. A sheath can be readily accessible (boot, belt, etc. or a mix) so long as it makes sense.
    • Quiver: First quiver is free, but if carrying two, mark circle.


    Where you carry the majority of your gear.

    • Strapped: Three larger items can be strapped to the pack. Things like tools and large items that would be too much for a compartment. Examples: 10' pole (segmented), shovel, pick, 50' hemp rope (thicker than silk - silk can be stored in main or access compartment), crowbar, a rolled bedroll & blanket, a stowed weapon, etc. If there is any items strapped, whether 1 or 3, fill the circle.
    • Main Compartment: This is where you can put your smaller gear, like mirrors, flint and steel, spyglass, hammer, etc. Note there are three sections for bundled items. That is your limit on bundled items in the main compartment. For the main compartment, if you have 1-5 lines filled, fill 1 circle. 6-10 lines, fill both circles. Items in the main compartment require a pack to be taken off and 1 round to get to the item.
    • Access Compartment: This is an exterior pocket that can be freely accessed without digging in the pack. Good for things like, lanterns, torches, oil, potions, etc. you need in a pinch. Again, you can bundle items, but only 3 bundles. If any lines are filled, fill in circle.
    • Provisions Compartment: This is a special compartment that is designed to be accessed freely as well and protect your other gear from contamination/spillage. Your provision compartment can hold up to 4 quarts (waterskins) of water/wine and 14 days (2 weeks) of rations. If any boxes are filled, fill in circle. When I tell you to mark off water (I will at certain hours of the day), erase or fill in (however you prefer).

    Herbal Case:

    A specialized item that buckles to your rucksack, taking up a line on strapped to pack. This hardcase has basic tools for tending to wounds (bandages, salves, and a mortal and pestle for making poultices, etc.) as well as small spaces to pack in herbs. You can fill in as many herbs as you have boxes to check. However, if you're carrying this case, fill in circle.

    Pouches & Sacks

    It's assumed you can reasonably carry a belt pouch and hang two sacks.

    • Pouch: can hold up to 100 coins and/or gems.
    • Sacks: can do 300 each. 1-100 coins/gems, fill in a circle. 101-200 fill in two circles. 201-300 fill in 3 circles.

    Fully loaded (700 coins/gems) is 7 stone, so you probably won't go much more than that. Treasure items can be noted on the lines below. Generally, 5 items to a circle (crowns, scepters, jewelry, etc.).


    Count up your filled circles. Note that in Total Stone. Consult movement chart (Note STR modifier now). Fill in Movement. Done.

  • I will make another sheet that has some extra space for containers: potion bandoleer, scroll cases, etc. to track that stuff.

  • Dungeon Master

    This is most pleasing.

  • Updated sheets.


  • Potion Bandoleers

    Can be used to hold easy access potions - bulky because of leather and padding to protect the potions, so if you wear two it counts as a stone.

    Extra Compartments & Herbal Case

    Each of these take up a strapped on pack line item. But, otherwise function as above.

    Scroll Cases

    Each case takes up a line item inside a compartment.

    Pouches and Sacks

    You can have as many as you can carry. Works as above (1-100 coins/gems = 1 stone, 101-200 coins = 2 stone, and so forth).

  • Looking over this, its apparent that fighters should always hire Squires to carry extra shit... period.

    A very standard, kitted-out Fighter above 1st or 2nd level would be Plate Mail (5 Stone), Shield (1 Stone), Longsword (1 Stone), Longbow (2 Stone), Spear (1 Stone), 1 Quiver Arrows (1 Stone).

    So that's a Fighter with heavy armor, shield and three weapons (primary weapon and backup and 1 missile weapon) already carrying 11 Stone.

  • @JohnY longsword is now in hand and half category, so 2 stone!

    That fighter needs to make some choices. Perhaps drop longbow (2 stone) for short bow (1 stone) or sling (items not stone). Use short sword and spear (2 stone) over longsword and spear (3 stone).

    Or, god forbid, wear lighter armor.

    With that said I think that's a great point and here are my proposed tweaks: reduce armor to 1, 2 or 4 stone. Since this system is about bulk as much as weight, a well fitted armor is less so. First quiver is "free" - ala potion bandolier. And all weapons are 1 stone except the light thrown 3-to-1.

    Then, your standard Fighter above would start with:

    Plate 4
    Longsword 1
    Shield 1
    Longbow 1

    That puts em at 7 with room for 3 stone of gear (or 4 of they are strong / 2 if they are weak) before they get to 30' mvt. there's still incentive to wear medium armor (they'd be at 5 stone with medium and have 5 stone worth of gear before reaching 30').

    Seem reasonable?

    Great feedback!

  • Here's what the revised sheet would look like with @JohnY's feedback.


  • Much, much better for the poor fighter,

  • @Mike
    Since we will use 4x the amount of water-skins than food rations, could we reverse the provisions compartments? Give the water the side with more squares. For convenience.

  • @TomunistParty said in Food / Water / Encumbrance:

    Since we will use 4x the amount of water-skins than food rations, could we reverse the provisions compartments? Give the water the side with more squares. For convenience.

    The loadout for that compartment is the way it is because water weighs and takes up way more space than the rations. In fact, most of the space in the provision compartment is for the water (a gallon). You can use the backup sheet to carry more water though with a secondary provisions compartment.

  • @Mike
    So those four squares are for gallons not quarts.

  • @TomunistParty said in Food / Water / Encumbrance:

    So those four squares are for gallons not quarts.

    No. Those are waterskins. 1 waterskin = 1 quart. Thus, 4 waterskins = 1 gallon. 1 gallon = 1 stone. You can carry as many gallons of water as you want using the extras sheet, but each will weigh 1 stone. It's sectioned out in quarts because you will mark it off throughout the day, like torches.

    Finding sources of potable water in the dungeon with need to be a strategy for you as carrying several gallons of water will quickly add up.

  • One thing I can do is create a few extra slots for water on the main sheet and just have a bubble for each.

  • I'll have a revised sheet up today incorporating your suggestion, @TomunistParty.

  • With @TomunistParty's excellent feedback, the changes are as follows:

    More slots for water (each 4 skins = 1 gallon = 1 stone = 1 day of water) to create hydration packs. Rations are now tracked as a line item in either main or access compartments of your backpack.

    Water is still heavy and bulky (as it is intended to be), but easier to track if you want to carry a lot. Carrying a shitload of water is certainly an option, but smart players will begin to track potable water sources within the dungeon to reduce their load. This is an important gameplay element I am emphasizing within the megadungeon.


  • You can also certainly hire sherpas to carry extra gear into the dungeon for you. I will print extra sheets to use for retainers.

  • And Midol has the spell Purify Food and Drink.

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