Hired men

  • I would like to say we hire a group of 6 security guard for now to guard base camp.

    And my suggest for two labor worker to start build barricades to try to secure the moon pool

  • @Gombar

    I agree, but I don't think we need a moon pool checkpoint and the outside camp. They are just so close together.

    We definitely need to barricade the moon pool room, and take out those kobolds living next door.

  • @TomunistParty I agree we need to kill those kobold and take there barrel to use down in dungeon. Maybe stash one in the secret room so we have a closer water source.

  • Yes, I don't have the full rules finished yet, but in order to secure a base:


    Bases provide the same function as camps, a safe place to rest and recuperate, but are constructed inside of Dwimmermount. In order to establish a base, a section of the dungeon must be secured.

    In order to secure the dungeon, the faction currently operating in the dungeon area must be either driven off (by slaying their leader or eradicating most of their forces) or by negotiating borders and peace between the party and the faction leader.

    In other words, you can't construct a base until you establish security in that area of the dungeon. You can use negotiation or warfare. Right now, the Moon Pool falls under the kobold faction's area, so you'll need to deal with them in order to secure that area.

    The process for securing an area should be:

    1. Figure out which faction controls that area (if any).
    2. Either eradicate or negotiate with that faction.

  • There are usually 1d6+3 mercs available for hire in Muntburg every week.

    Here we go:

    [dice 1d6+3]

  • Bots

    1d6+3: 4

  • You find 4 mercs willing to hire on to guard your encampment outside Dwimmermount. These guys are light infantry, outfitted with leather, swords, shields. You can upgrade their equipment if you prefer.

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