Novus Mundium Campaign Basic Info

  • Novus Mundium is a campaign setting for the Nerd Louisville DnD Multiverse. All of the DnD Multiverse conventions are in effect. The name refers to the city around which the story is based.

    For centuries, the Great Empire has dominated the lands around the Middle Sea. Generations ago, the Empire established Novus Mundium as a trading outpost on the distant and exotic Eastern Continent. An Imperial edict prohibited the inhabitants from venturing outside of the city, in order to maintain friendly trading relations with the natives and avoid local entanglements.
    Now the empire is in chaos. As nomadic barbarians invade from the North, a civil war rages between rivals who claim the throne. The Imperial governor and his legion have been withdrawn. Novus Mundium is now effectively an independent city state. Therefore it is no longer bound by the Imperial edict: there is nothing to stop adventurers from exploring the Eastern Continent.

  • Current Novus Mundium campaign map. Blank hexes are unexplored.


  • This is cool. I haven't seen a hex crawl in a while.

  • Dungeon Master

    is this what you are running now for D&D?

  • @ElliottPaul It's the setting I used when I ran at Heroes last Friday

  • In the last expedition to the Caves of Chaos, the heroes recovered a wizard's map...


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