Session 4 - Cade's Friend Mak & The Mad Dwarf

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    We didn't get started until 6:30 due to encumbrance work, but lots of good feedback and shouldn't be as much of an issue next time.

    The moon phase shifted from Waning Gibbous to New Moon at the beginning of this session. The moon phase will shift every 5 days or so.


    • Midol the Reliever (1st Level Human Cleric) and then Anomander Rake (1st Level Human Fighter)
    • Castor Troy (1st Level Human Thief)
    • Alewood (1st Level Human Cleric of Tyche)
    • Earry (1st Level Dwarf Fighter)
    • Cade Merrick (1st Level Magic-User)
    • Onak Goldencock (1st Level Dwarf Fighter-Thief)


    • Jacotte (1st Level Human Fighter)
    • Mak (Orc)


    Previously, the party decided to hole up behind the secret door and rest for the night. In the morning, the plan was to use the rod of opening on the nephelite blast doors in the morning. However, throughout the night, the party discovered a second secret door going west and heard skittering to the east. So, they decided to explore west instead.

    Early Winter - 18th - Dawn: The party wakes up and decides to head through the western secret door. This leads into an ancient meeting room of sorts, with a long table and tattered tapestries hanging from the walls. Two passages lead south and north and a short hall ending at door leads west. The party determines the northward passage leads back into the main Path of Mavors hallway and so the party moves southward. Castor Troy wants to move south first and listen, but the whole party moves instead. They don't listen.

    Early Winter - 18th - Early Morning: Onak begins moving down the hallway into a circular room that appears to have a carved relief map of the outer lands surrounding Dwimmerm... ORCS! From around the corner, Onak is beset by two orcish spears. One strikes a powerful blow and he stumbles backward. The blow might have killed a weaker foe. Four more orcs come rushing around the corner, but Midol and Earry step forward to meet the orcs. Cade throws a vial of azoth, striking one of the orcs directly in the face, expecting it to combust - it doesn't. Battle ensues. Alewood calls on Tyche to magically heal Onak, which puts him back in the fight. And, Cade smashes his lantern across the face of the orc. Its boar-face squeals as it dies. All of the orcs are slain except for one, which surrenders.

    Early Winter - 18th - Early Morning: The orcs carried sacks of treasure. Castor plants kobold arrows to make it seem as if they were the cause of the orcs' death. Cade attempts to communicate with the remaining orc, while Castor decapitates the orcs' brothers. The orc seems to know bits and pieces of Low Thulian - strange considering it is a more modern tongue and these orcs have presumably been locked in Dwimmermount for at least two centuries. Cade asks about more orcs and a "crown" and the orc points southward, through a door. Cade asks the orc's name and nicknames the orc Mak since he couldn't pronounce his true name. Cade takes a sketch of the map.

    Early Winter - 18th - Early Morning: The party decides against exploring southward, instead moving east from the Map Room. Onak finds a locked door and picks it, miraculously for a thief of his skill. As soon as it opens, a lab rat of unusual size greets him. He instinctively reaches for his axe and as he does, the rat screeches and several rats swarm over Onak, knocking him to the ground. The rest of the party rushes to Onak's aid and makes quick work of the rats, slaying them all. Within the chamber, the party finds several tiny rat tunnels that lead off to various parts of the dungeon. They also find a dozen skulls intelligently ordered in a circle in the center of the room. The top of the skulls are severed and filled with coins and a few pieces of jewelry, including an interesting cloak pin depicting an elf slaying an enemy, blood spray made of tiny red gems.

    Early Winter - 18th - Early Morning: The party debates whether to return to camp or hide treasure in the secret room and continue onward. The debate to return to camp wins out, so the party starts to make its way toward the Moon Pool. They pass through the azoth bubble room, but Onak notices several kobolds moving stones from the rubble-filled hall and into the eastern chambers past the brass boxes. There are a dozen or more, building something. The party decides to explore northward instead. They make their way down the Path of Mavors and enter a room with six marble statues. Five of the statues represent gods (Caint, Dorn, Mavors, Tenen, and Typhon) though their heads have been replaced with that of Turms Termax's. The sixth statue is of an attractive, human woman. The party theorizes this is Sarana, Turms's lover.

    Early Winter - 18th - Midday: The party exits the room up a set of stairs that lead to the Red Doors - the main entrance into Dwimmermount. They descend the narrow stairs to Dwimmermount fortifications outside and then head to camp, Mak in tow.

    Early Winter - 18th - Dusk: The party returns to Muntburg, resupplies and spends loot. The night is spent in Muntburg.

    Early Winter - 19th - Dawn: The party sets off to camp.

    Early Winter - 19th - Early Afternoon: The party arrives back at camp and Midol remains behind while Anomander joins the party. They grab Mak who had been playing (or at least attempting to) zitrikio with Bin Holly (sp?). This time, the party enters through the climb up to the Moon Pool. The goal: deal with these fucking kobolds. The party makes their way toward the "boneyard" and past it they find the storeroom with three sleeping kobolds and a lone guard. Castor Troy does his best assassin and sneaks in, strikes at the patrolling kobold silently, and then proceeds to slit the throats of the sleeping kobolds. He emerges from the shadows sprayed with kobold blackblood.

    Early Winter - 19th - Early Afternoon: The party continues exploring the caverns beyond. Ahead, they hear the grunting of several kobolds lifting something heavy. In this chamber, dozens of dwarfen statues - a cemetery of sorts - are standing eerily staring in random directions. The kobolds are transporting the statues elsewhere. The party waits for the kobolds to leave and enter the cavern. They find two southward caverns - one contains a shrine to Tyche, a relief of her with outstretched hands holding coins. Anomander warns to not take any coins and places 10 gp in Tyche's hands himself.

    Note: Anomander is blessed for this act of devotion and gets +2 to all saving throws for 24 hours until Early Afternoon on the 20th.

    Early Winter - 19th - Mid Afternoon: The party then explores the southeastern cavern. It is barren except a hidden niche that holds a small brass box etched with filigree. Uncertain whether it is trapped, Castor begins searching, but noises come from the dwarfen cemetery. The kobolds have returned.

    Early Winter - 19th - Late Afternoon: The party attempts to subdue them, but one survives and screeches to alert other kobolds. The party sets up a shield wall in anticipation, but the kobolds only form up on a ledge overlooking the cavern. Finding no solution but to assault or abandon the caverns, the party makes the bold decision to assault. The tide is with them and a volley of arrows gets off before the kobolds can react. Onak and Earry, the dwarven duo, charge forward and the kobold arrows plink off the dwarven armor. The dwarfs get close and toss oil, burning up the ledge.

    A kobold flees and the party all move forward. Cade has rolled one of the large barrels of oil from a previous storeroom and used a block and tackle to lift it up. The party hears dwarven screams and shouts coming from down the hall, so they set up the oil to drain down into the cavern tunnels and lie in wait. At first, the mad dwarf they hear from deeper in the caverns does not come forward, merely taunting the party to come. But, Cade begins to pretend he is destroying the dwarfen statues and Guran becomes enraged, charging forward into the party's trap along with his kobold elite guard. It's a terrible mistake, and the party lights the oil laden tunnel afire. Guran survives only long enough for Anomander to cut him down. The party loots Guran's cool-to-the-touch chainmail and hammer. During the battle, Cade gives Mak a spear.

    Early Winter - 19th - Late Afternoon: When the fire dies down, the party moves forward, discovering a southern passage that is covered in webs with strange, alien sounds coming from it. They move west instead and find Guran's ramshackle lair, containing several chests. Cade uses the rod of opening to open them and within is thousands of copper coins, a few pieces of jewelry, and a scroll case with Shocking Grasp.

    We end with the party arguing about splitting up Guran's chainmail and hammer inside Guran's lair. When we begin, we will start at Guran's lair with the party picking up the chests to haul back to the Moon Pool room.

    Until next time....

    Please feel free to add details that are important I may have missed.

  • Sweet. Notes completed. Feel free to fill in details.

  • It was Cade's suggestion to pretend to smash Guran's children.

  • @JohnY said in Session 4 - Cade's Friend Mak & The Mad Dwarf:

    It was Cade's suggestion to pretend to smash Guran's children.

    Perfect. Updated.

  • Sounds like Onak was a beast that session.

  • @TomunistParty said in Session 4 - Cade's Friend Mak & The Mad Dwarf:

    Sounds like Onak was a beast that session.

    Yeah, both the dwarfs were crushing it.

    It was pretty action packed. Pretty much fighting the whole session. Guran was pitiful. I was expecting at least one death in the showdown with him. But, he got put in a bad spot.

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