The Forgotten Temple (03/26/2017)

  • Keeper: Jonathan Meadows
    Date: 03/26/2017

    Doctor Max Stone, along with five graduate students were reported missing and a group of investigators consisting of college students, a professor, a cab driver, an EMT, and a war vet set out to uncover the truth. They first visit Doctor Stone’s house where they find an invoice from Allen Excavation, a letter from the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division, and a locked box under the bed containing notes about a strange temple. One of the students decides to check Doctor Stone’s computer and finds a map of the excavation site on his desktop.

    The investigators decide to stock up and then they head out to the desert to check out the temple that Doctor Stone was excavating. They travel inside and find several members of the dig crew as well as all of the missing students dead, but Doctor Stone is nowhere to be found. Seeing the dead bodies disturbs one of the investigators, Naked Nathan, and he explodes in a fit of rage attacking other investigators. The EMT rushes into action and uses a fast acting drug to knock him out.

    As the investigators explore the temple they find strange artifacts including armor made of some kind of web and some kind of alien gun. They also find a strange powder, a colorless serum that smells of raspberries, and a foul smelling green liquid. Each room of the temple is searched and a strange circular room with weird symbols is found in one part of the temple, and in another, a strange mirror is found.

    The investigators decide to try and leave, but on the way out, a strange dog-like beast attacks killing the war vet. The investigators realize that the monster is materializing out of corners in the room and retreat to the circular room, closing the door to keep the monster out while they work up a plan. Eventually, the investigators decide to lure the monster into the circular room and then run out the door, closing it behind them and locking the monster in. They set the plan in motion and it works. The investigators leave the temple and vow to never go back.

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