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  • Looking for some folks for a 5e Shadowrun group. Already have myself and a friend so 2-4 people would work out. I am able to GM, but open to the idea of someone else taking the reins if there is interest. Able to host at my place, can look at rotating if need be. My friend and I both are experienced in the game and have GMd previously. Players need not be experienced, just want some good roleplayers!

    Also at present we are looking at playing Monday evenings around 6ish. Perhaps earlier, but can work with schedules. Maybe aim for every other week, but can work that out with the table as a whole.

  • Hey Zach, we've had a lot of interest in Shadowrun, but no consistent game yet as far as I know. What I would suggest is that you run a few games at slur Your Role, introduce players to the system, and then you'll have a much easier time finding players for your game.

  • @zvengland I am interested. Depends on where and what time it would end.

  • @MLucas Will get with you in messenger

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