Castor Tries to Find Yurain

  • Castor will spend some time at the tavern where YURAIN is known to go too and party it up waiting to see if YURAIN come in for a drink.

  • Many folks at the Green Dragon Inn say Yurain visits often (though he stays at a rented apartment in Muntburg). However, it seems Yurain left town a day or two ago. The Fists were making an expedition to Dwimmermount. They are probably there by now.

    A thin, young man with curly, prematurely balding hair approaches you.

    "You're with the Double Ds, yes?"

  • Castor will look at the thin man doing a quick scan for symbol or any insignia that he maybe wearing but keeping up a laughing cheer a.
    "I'm an associate of the DD" pointing at the DD insignia " who is asking" keep one hand on mug and move his other had on his thigh near one of his hidden dagger just in case shit goes down

  • He has a small pin in the shape of a red shield on his padded armor.

    "Most excellent! I've heard rumors of the Double Ds. What does that stand for anyway? I am Climent. I've been waiting for the rest of my party, the Red Shields, to arrive at Muntburg. Alas, something must've slowed them. Of course, staying at the inn isn't cheap and my coin runs dry... I guess I could charm Asce and Doree into letting me stay for free, but that wouldn't be the right thing to do now, would it?

    Mind if I sit?"

  • He relaxes and chuckles a little "I'm sorry where are my manners, sit sit" he push out a stool " The name Castor Troy" raising his mug as a salute, he look s at the bar maid and give the hey get this man a drink sign. Looks at climent " drink!?" Once the drink arrives " so im interested, what were the rumors you heard about the Dungeon Delver"

  • Climent's eyes widen a bit as you pay with the drink with ancient coin hauled from the bowels of Dwimmermount. He licks his lips and sips the stout, dwarfen ale. He nods his thanks, like, "Oh, that's good."

    "I've heard rumors the... Dungeon Delvers have returned several times to town after successful expeditions to Dwimmermount. In fact, the other adventuring companies in town are ramping up efforts to expedite their expeditions. I heard you mention the name Yurain. The Fists are headed up the mountain as we speak."

    Climent takes a hefty gulp of the ale and swallows it down.

    "Are you in need of assistance? I am a magic-user of the first circle. And my magicks could be valuable in Dwimmermount. I'd be willing to hire on at a discounted rate. At least, until the rest of the Red Shields arrive. What do you say?"

  • Castor smile and chuckles alittle " well the DD is a pretty elite team so I can see why there other are trying to get out there." Castor order another drink for both of them again. " so tell me a little about your group? And Where do you hail from? "As they drink up there second ale, he answer the following question

    What spells does he have?

    What does he know about Mt. Dwimmermount history or rumors?

    Do you know anything about Alchemy?

    Have you venture in a dungeon before?

  • "Most of us hail from the small mining town of Vidda just near the Shield Wall Mountains. Hence, the Red Shields... yes? Ha! We are all young and looking for adventure and of course to become fabulously wealthy." He sighes. "If I can't get into Dwimmermount soon, I may have to find my way back home and face my father's shame."

    "Spells? I know all the standard spells of course and know how to put a charm of friendship on someone. I've heard quite a bit of Dwimmermount. I've heard Dwimmermount was sealed off by dwarves who still control most of the levels from within. And, there's a vast gold vein they mine and gild all their arms and armor so they gleam like nuggets in the deep halls. So say some dwarves who left here a couple weeks ago and haven't returned. Some say there's a machine in the dungeon that can imbue bones with life, yet they are not undead. And, some say the shadowy folks re-opening Dwimmermount are Termaxian cultists who can enter through the Alchemist's door."

    He shrugs.

    "Hard to say what's true or not. I know some tenets of the art of alchemy. Why do you ask? They say Turms Termax was called Trice-Great because of his mastery of Alchemy, but also Magic and Astrology. And, there are ancient laboratories within the halls of Dwimmermount. I'd love to venture there and see those ancient labs myself! Alas, my dungeon delving has been but minor tombs thus far. Nothing like the legendary Dwimmermount."

    He pulls out a silver dagger, clearly quite old.

    "Found this in a Thulian tomb at the edge of the Shield Wall Mountains. Probably belonged to a warrior that fought against the Red Elves that once ruled over Telluria."

  • Taking another swig of his ale " we can have you going back home with your tail between your legs. Let me talk to my other associate about bring you on board but here is my concern that they might have if we bring you along. You would get to see what we have discover and our maps and other points of interest that we work so hard to discover, so when you group gets here you guys will not only have the upper hand on the other group but know our secrets. " he takes another sip and stares at the bottom of his mug "Are you the leader of your group? I ask this cuz there maybe something we can workout?"

    He place his mug on the bar reaches a put out a vial keep it in his hand " As for why I ask if you knew alchemy, what do you know about Azoth?"

  • "I am not the leader of the Red Shields, though I do have a strong voice in the group."

    A look of keen curiosity comes over his face as you withdraw the vial of azoth.

    "I know quite a bit about the legendary substance known as azoth. But, those secrets are valuable much like your own, Castor Troy."

    He grins.

    "What sort of proposal do you have?"

  • He lays it on the table " i would really like to know all it's secret and make it into a weapon but I need to know what it can do. I would mind hire you until I can speak to my associate about letting you join us to adventure Dwimmermout. So at least you can have some gold in your pocket.

    As for my idea maybe the red shields would like to be a charter under the DD, of course being a fairly new group here we can take you under our wing and share a bit of what we know, which should give you an edge against these other groups. We can work out a charter fee but this would be an alliance of sort. You don't have to answer now just think about.

  • "If you're not willing to take me into the dungeon, I'm afraid I'll just wait for the rest of my party to arrive. I'd be willing to trade secrets of azoth for maps and other information about what you've explored, however."

    He doesn't respond to your charter idea, you notice.

  • "Well give me a day or two and I'll be back with and answer." He raise his hand to the barmaid " get this man a room for two day" drop a couple of coins in the bar turns to him " have a goodnight." Walks off

  • "I thank you greatly for your kindness and charity, Castor Troy. I'll await your answer here at the Green Dragon Inn."

  • Castor will return looking for YURAIN to see if he back from his mission and if I don't find him I will contact Climent.

  • You find him and several other members of Typhon's Fists celebrating at the Flask and Scroll Tavern. It seems they've recently had a lucrative haul from Dwimmermount and are spending somewhat lavishly.

    He nods to you.

    "Ho there! You travel with the warrior named Earry yes? Saw that dwarf knock the shit out of a wight's arse! I owe him a drink!"

  • "Damn right I do, braves dwarf I have met . May I have a word with you Yurain." Castor direct his hand to a table in the corner.

  • "Yes! Sit down! Have a drink! We honor the triumph of Law!"

    He slaps the seat beside him in the center of the tavern.

  • Castor take the sit and orders himself a drink " I hate missing this last adventure but I had some business here in town. The name is Castor Troy its a pleasure to meet you all." He party with them till the table thins out and he turns Yurain " so what brings you out to Dwimmermout? Have you always worship typhon?"

  • "I do not worship the gods of Men. I give reverence to the Makers. But, Typhon and his followers are dedicated to Law.

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