Session 5 - Mind-Voices of Arach-Nacha

  • Notes

    The new encumbrance sheet seemed to go over well.

    The moon phase is New Moon at the beginning of this session and will shift on the 24th.

    Y'all are still very inefficient when it comes to decision-making and exploration. Need to work on that.

    The whole eldritch bones scene was FUCKING GOLD. Amazing D&D.

    RIS, Onak.


    • Anomander Rake (1st Level Human Fighter)
    • Castor Troy (1st Level Human Thief)
    • Alewood (1st Level Human Cleric of Tyche)
    • Earry (1st Level Dwarf Fighter)
    • Cade Merrick (1st Level Magic-User)
    • Onak Goldencock (1st Level Dwarf Fighter-Thief) and then Hans (1st Level Human Fighter)


    • Jacotte (1st Level Human Fighter)
    • Mak (Orc)


    Previously, we ended with the party arguing about splitting up Guran's chainmail and hammer inside Guran's lair.

    Early Winter - 19th - Late Afternoon: The party decides to load up loot and carry it back to the Shrine of Tyche. However, Castor Troy and Cade begin to hear whispering in their mind. They believe it to be an entity deeper down the webbed tunnel. The voice makes promises of power and knowledge in exchange for an accord of some sort. The decision is made to ignore that webbed tunnel for now and continue back to the shrine with the treasure. As the party is passing a northward passage, they hear voices in the common tongue: fellow explorers. The party decides to continue on and avoid the other explorers.

    Early Winter - 19th - Dusk: Back in the shrine cavern, Alewood makes an offering to Tyche after realizing Dwimmermount is a place of power where the gods actually manifest. Onak follows suit. The party decides to camp for several hours in this cavern, which seems to deter Dwimmermount's denizens. While Alewood and Castor Troy are on watch, they search the dwarfen cemetery and find the stoned body of Cromdar. They haul the heavy statue back into the shrine room and make plans to haul it out of the dungeon in the morning.

    Early Winter - 20th - Dawn: The party awakens and prepares for a day of adventuring. A debate ensues about whether to go back to camp or push forward into the dungeon while the blessings of Tyche are still worthwhile. The vote for exploring further wins and the party leaves behind the treasures and statue of Cromdar.

    Early Winter - 20th - Early Morning: The party heads back toward the webbed tunnel and once again hear the mind-voice of some entity down the webbed tunnel. Cade interacts with the entity and seems enticed by promises of more powerful magic. Meanwhile, the dwarfs -- Earry & Onak -- scout ahead and find the door they heard the other explorers open, with no sign of the previous explorers. There is a debate about attacking the entity or bypassing it. Bypassing it ultimately wins out and the party moves beyond the door to the north. The cavern transforms into dungeon-proper and a hallway extends northward and eastward from a long, narrow room filled with graffiti.

    Early Winter - 20th - Early Morning: The party decides to explore eastward and finds an ancient storeroom that has been looted some time ago. A cursory search turns up no secret doors.

    Early Winter - 20th - Early Morning: The party begins to move down the northward corridor and realizes this section of the map meets up with a previously explored area, where the giant lab rats were fought. The party decides to move westward and finds themselves in the room with the map relief on the floor. There is an unexplored passage south, so the party moves in that direction.

    Early Winter - 20th - Mid Morning: The party enters an empty room with heavy traffic between the entry door and another door that is made completely of iron and locked. Onak searches the door for traps and actually finds one -- a poison needle trap. He attempts to disarm it, but fails and is pricked. Luckily, the poison isn't strong enough to kill this dwarf (though, stay tuned - Onak's luck runs out). As Onak is attempting to now pick the lock in the iron door, a sudden heavy scratching sound begins to come from the door shut behind the party leading into the map room. Preparing for the worst, the party sets a shield way and waits for the door to burst open.

    Early Winter - 20th - Late Morning: Eight animated skeletons that's bones are layered with a silver-black metal (azoth?) burst into the room and a battle ensues. The party fights poorly and are forced back to the iron door. Desperate to escape, Cade uses the rod of opening to open the door. However, the front line is pressed against the door and the party has to filter through one at a time. Onak, Anomander, and Earry hold the front line, but then an eldritch bone claw breaks through the shield wall and slashes at Onak's throat, tearing it out. He turns to stone as he falls dead. The shield wall breaks and a sudden panic tears through the party. The second rank breaks and flees. Earry heroically shouts for Anomander to get through the door while he holds the line. The plate-mailed dwarf snatches Clandrang from the dead Onak and melees with the eldritch bones while the rest of the party flees. It's a close battle and the tide of battle shifts to Earry, allowing him to slip past the door without dying. The party slams the door shut, barring it and spiking it.

    Early Winter - 20th - Midday: Winded and terrified, the party takes a breather before exploring the tunnel they have found themselves in. It winds west and to another chamber. This chamber is smaller, with only one exit: a narrow stair that winds down. The stair is layered on all sides with a yellowish mold, with but a single path through it on the stair. Suspecting it goes down to the second level, and not wanting to risk agitating the mold, the party decides to wait for a few hours here and see if the bones leave.

    Early Winter - 20th - Mid Afternoon: After two hours of waiting, the bones remain. Still against going down the stairs, the party makes a plan to distract the bones and flee past them. It is up to Castor Troy to make the plan work.

    The plan is this: hide Castor Troy above the iron door the bones are at. Open it and allow them to move down the hall. Castor drops behind them and shouts, luring them away from the rest of the party. Castor then will try to flee to a secret room and hope the bones follow. Then, the party slips out and comes to Castor's aid on the other side of the room.

    The plan hinges on Castor Troy getting the jump on the eldritch bones when he lands so he can run ahead of them before they can catch him.

    It works.

    Castor stumbles over the map and the bones nearly catch him, but inches away. Castor makes it though and closes the secret door on a silvery, skeletal arm. The slashes at the arm several times and finally severs it, closing the door. :runner_tone1:

    Meanwhile, the party escapes. They decide to leave the dungeon entirely and make it back to camp without encountering danger.

    Early Winter - 21st - Dawn: Castor Troy spends the night in the dungeon, leaning against the secret door out of this room. He sips the last of his water and hopes for his allies to come to his rescue. They do. The party enters through the Moon Pool cavern again, and starts to make their way through the caverns but encounter a glow of orange they consider might be fire beetles and so take the long away around. The finally come to the dining hall with the secret door where Castor lies and provide him with sweet relief.

    Early Winter - 21st - Late Morning: Finding the beetles gone in the nearby kitchen (maybe it was the same beetles in the caverns?), the party explores. It's mostly barren except for a dumbwaiter that leads down but that needs repair to the pulley system. Not wanting to send one person at a time down, the party foregoes using the dumbwaiter to explore down. Exiting, the party went back across the main hallway on this level and rediscovered the large white doors with cross and circle symbol. Cade used the rod of opening to open the doors and a large circular room opens before the party. In the center of the room is another circular opening, except opening up and down -- a shaft covered with slime that goes further than light will penetrate into the darkness. The party attempts to use the nearby brass boxes to "activate" an elevator or something within the shaft room, but it does not work. Not sure how to proceed, the party decides to return to camp and regroup. They exit it past the kobold's stone hip wall and encounter no resistance on their way out.

    Early Winter - 21st - Dusk: The party returns to camp and then proceeds onward to Muntburg. Treasure is spent. Jacotte goes her own way.

    We leave off with the party resting and recuperating in Muntburg until their next expedition.

    Until next time....

    Please feel free to add details that are important I may have missed.

  • Alright, should be good to go. The last part is hazy to me (damn bourbon). Post details I'm missing here.

  • We did bring the stone bodies of the two dwarves with us. So if we do ever get stone to flesh they could possibly return.

  • @TomunistParty said in Session 5 - Mind-Voices of Arach-Nacha:

    We did bring the stone bodies of the two dwarves with us. So if we do ever get stone to flesh they could possibly return.

    Add those to community chest thread so we have it documented.

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