• This thread is for us to discuss what kind of agreements we will make with other adventuring groups/ Dwimmer factions.

  • @Gombar is talking to a member of another adventuring group. What does everyone think about an alliance with the Red Shields?

    Some ideas of what would be included in such an agreement.

    -Sharing checkpoints (including stockpiles)
    -Mutual defense pact: We save them/ they save us (even if there is no monetary benefit or it carries a monetary risk)
    -Sharing information: tell them what lurks below (for potential treasure we could impose a 10% finders fee)
    -Team ups: there may be some obstacles that require two parties to overcome. (split loot 50/50)

    Please contribute ideas. Be sure to voice whether or not you would agree to such an alliance.

  • I like the idea

  • I think alliances make total sense and would very much be in our best interests. There's going to (hopefully) be plenty enough loot in Dwimmermount to make dozens of adventuring parties filthy rich... there's no need to be greedy.

    Mutual defense/non-aggression pacts would be a great place to start. I'd even go so far as to say that non-aggression pacts could be formally witnessed by the Lord of Muntburg himself to minimize the chance of double-crossing asshats. If a modern-day cult of Terms Termax is operating in Dwimmermount, then they are going to be a threat to everyone and it's best we come to each other's aid at the most and not try to kill one another at the very least.

    I'm not particularly interested in sharing supplies and checkpoints, but short-term alliances and team-ups are exactly what I would argue for. Anomander has already lobbied for just such an alliance to open the treasure vault the Fists are rumored to have found. We're going to find ourselves facing monsters we can't overcome alone (unless we wait for months to level up) that can be eliminated now with assistance: Smart NPC parties will recognize this, so we run the risk of other groups aligning and leaving us out in the cold. Finally, the spells available to different Clerics and Magic-Users means teaming up will at times be an absolute necessity if a certain spell is needed.

  • Dungeon Master

    Agree with the mutual benefit of alliance, but agree with Anomander that sharing of checkpoints and resources (at least in their totality) is not necessary. Good will can be shared without the use of each other's stores, since one party might be doing much better in one area than the other.

  • alt text

  • @edpfaff with no constructive input. Just posting memes.

  • Hahaha just thought it related.

  • So my question should I hire this guy? If I'm not going to hire him is it ok to trade him the map we found on the dead body for some information on Azoth.

  • If everyone would check out the Highbarrow thread and tell me your thoughts, that would be helpful. Essentially we would get a sponsor who would buy all our maps, buy our secrets of dwimmermount, secure levels for us, plus whatever demands we might have. However, we will have an auditor watching us. They want complete transparency on everything we take/discover from/in the dwimmer. Is everyone cool with this.

    The terms I was going to offer is that they must build us a grand hall in Muntburg, provide a carriage for safe/swift transport to and from the dwimmer, as well as a more secure FOB (wooden pallisade) right outside our dwarven entrance into the Dwimmer.

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