Novus Mundium Adventure Log

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    Played March 19, 2017 at Heroes.


    • Sam playing Fancur the high elf rogue. Lvl 2. From Novus Mundium. Middle class elven district. Bored by scholarly life. Flaw curiosity.
    • Tony playing Blu the bronze dragonborn bard Lvl3. College of lore. Teleported. Wandering between worlds. Troublemaker.
    • Max playing Agir the gold dragoborn fighter lvl 1. Mountain fortress land. Motivated by fame. Flaw of pride.
    • Jacob playing Amelia the female human monk lvl 1. From Novus Mundium, Celestial monastery of Bahamut. Sent by monastery to gain experience. Inflexible in thinking.


    The farmland of Novus Mundium is defended by a long wall across the peninsula. Since the colony was founded, this wall marked the limits of the the city's territory. Now that they are no longer restricted by Imperial edict, citizens of Novus Mundium have been clearing land in the borderlands North of the wall.

    Recently, humanoid bands have raided the settlers of the borderlands. Novus Mundium cannot risk its small garrison in an expedition against the raiders; the garrison has only enough strength to defend the wall. Instead, the commander of the border keep is offering a bounty for adventurers to seek the lair of the raiders and reduce their numbers. The commander will pay gold for each humanoid head: one gold coin for each small head, five for each human-sized head, and twenty for each head larger than a human's. The adventurers can follow the tracks of the raiders back to a narrow valley riddles with cave entrances: The Caves of Chaos.


    Fancur, Blu, Agir, and Amelia observe the valley from the woodline. They see a cave entrance on the left side of the valley guarded by a goblin sentry. A cave on the right side seems to be occupied by orcs, and another by kobolds. The sentries occasionally venture out to look around, but mostly stand guard from within their caves, since they are nocturnal and dislike the sunlight.

    The heroes decide to raid the goblin cave. Agir and Amelia sneak up to the cave from uphill, and lay in wait above the cave entrance. Blu approaches the cave and tries to fast-talk the goblin sentry, posing as a lost traveler. The sentry seems to believe, but tries to lure Blu into the cave to rob him. When Blu won't take the bait, the sentry alerts more goblins. Blu backs up, and the goblins surge out of the cave to attack him. Agir and Amelia pounce down on the goblins from behind. When a goblin flees, Fancur finishes him off.

    The adventurers enter the goblins' cave and begin a long running battle. The goblins retreat, defending an inner passageway. On command, one goblin throws a bag of money through a secret door. This is a pre-negotiated arrangement for a neighboring ogre to come to their rescue. The ogre enters the fray, slaying Amelia with a single blow from his greatclub. The other heroes drive the ogre back through the secret door into his lair. They kill the ogre and gather loot. They take the heads of the goblins they killed earlier. They choose to quit while they are ahead, and do not pursue the remaining goblins through the inner passage. They sneak out of the goblin cave without being seen by the other humanoid sentries and return to the keep on the borderlands to exchange the heads they took for the reward.


    376 xp each.

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