Novus Mundium Adventure Log

  • Played March 19, 2017 at Heroes.


    • Sam playing Fancur the high elf rogue. Lvl 2. From Novus Mundium. Middle class elven district. Bored by scholarly life. Flaw curiosity.
    • Tony playing Blu the bronze dragonborn bard Lvl3. College of lore. Teleported. Wandering between worlds. Troublemaker.
    • Max playing Agir the gold dragoborn fighter lvl 1. Mountain fortress land. Motivated by fame. Flaw of pride.
    • Jacob playing Amelia the female human monk lvl 1. From Novus Mundium, Celestial monastery of Bahamut. Sent by monastery to gain experience. Inflexible in thinking.


    The farmland of Novus Mundium is defended by a long wall across the peninsula. Since the colony was founded, this wall marked the limits of the the city's territory. Now that they are no longer restricted by Imperial edict, citizens of Novus Mundium have been clearing land in the borderlands North of the wall.

    Recently, humanoid bands have raided the settlers of the borderlands. Novus Mundium cannot risk its small garrison in an expedition against the raiders; the garrison has only enough strength to defend the wall. Instead, the commander of the border keep is offering a bounty for adventurers to seek the lair of the raiders and reduce their numbers. The commander will pay gold for each humanoid head: one gold coin for each small head, five for each human-sized head, and twenty for each head larger than a human's. The adventurers can follow the tracks of the raiders back to a narrow valley riddles with cave entrances: The Caves of Chaos.


    Fancur, Blu, Agir, and Amelia observe the valley from the woodline. They see a cave entrance on the left side of the valley guarded by a goblin sentry. A cave on the right side seems to be occupied by orcs, and another by kobolds. The sentries occasionally venture out to look around, but mostly stand guard from within their caves, since they are nocturnal and dislike the sunlight.

    The heroes decide to raid the goblin cave. Agir and Amelia sneak up to the cave from uphill, and lay in wait above the cave entrance. Blu approaches the cave and tries to fast-talk the goblin sentry, posing as a lost traveler. The sentry seems to believe, but tries to lure Blu into the cave to rob him. When Blu won't take the bait, the sentry alerts more goblins. Blu backs up, and the goblins surge out of the cave to attack him. Agir and Amelia pounce down on the goblins from behind. When a goblin flees, Fancur finishes him off.

    The adventurers enter the goblins' cave and begin a long running battle. The goblins retreat, defending an inner passageway. On command, one goblin throws a bag of money through a secret door. This is a pre-negotiated arrangement for a neighboring ogre to come to their rescue. The ogre enters the fray, slaying Amelia with a single blow from his greatclub. The other heroes drive the ogre back through the secret door into his lair. They kill the ogre and gather loot. They take the heads of the goblins they killed earlier. They choose to quit while they are ahead, and do not pursue the remaining goblins through the inner passage. They sneak out of the goblin cave without being seen by the other humanoid sentries and return to the keep on the borderlands to exchange the heads they took for the reward.


    376 xp each.

  • Keep on the Borderlands! Played on 5/26/2017 at Heroes Comics


    • Nathan playing Kroncis, the charlatan warlock (fiend;tome) lvl 3. NE
    • Joshua playing Ulfgar level 1 dwarf fighter. LG
    • Mathew playing Maxil Bows half elf bard. CN. Instrument: cowbell
    • Falin playing Joe Joe, the rock gnome wizard noble. CG.

    The heroes set out towards the Caves of Chaos. While crossing the borderlands they see a column of smoke and investigate. The smoke rises from a farmstead that had been looted and burned down last night.

    They follow tracks from the farmstead and find Gorgo the goblin limping along. Gorgo was a member of the raiding party that looted the farmstead. Gorgo's leg was hurt and his comrades left him behind. The heroes heal Gorgo's leg and convince him to give them information. Gorgo helps the heroes to identify several of the cave entrances. He tells them that these monster clans have assembled at the Caves of Chaos because they share a devotion to the Cult of Cthulhu. The cave at the far end of the valley contains a shrine to Cthulhu. Gorgo is himself a devoted worshipper of Cthulhu. The heroes pretend to worship Cthulhu as well, and claim to be evil humans travelling to the Shrine.

    Worshippers of Cthulhu exclaim "Cthulhu Fhtagn." They greet each other by saying "That is not dead which can eternal lie," to which the response is "and with strange aeons even death may die."
    They also learn that the goblin tribe was weakened by the earlier expedition, and is now dominated by the hobgoblins, whom Gorgo resents.

    The heroes sneak towards the Shrine of Cthulhu, but draw the notice of the gnoll cave lookouts. They kill some of the gnolls, then break up the fight pretending it was a misunderstanding. The surviving gnolls are skeptical, but tentatively accept the claim that the heroes are worshippers of Cthulhu. The gnolls lead them into the shrine to meet the Cultists. Zombie sentries follow them. The zombies will only attack those who are not evil. The heroes eventually slay the gnolls, zombies, and some cult acolytes, and escape with scalps and loot.

    The heroes return to the Keep. The commander is horrified when the heroes present human scalps for a reward (the cult acolytes). He furiously refused to pay them for human scalps.

  • 0_1499005203649_CavesofChaosPlayerMap01.jpg

  • Keep on the Borderlands July 2, 2017


    • Zeph playing Muad’dib, human barbarian urchin lvl 5. AC19. Would rather kill enemies in their sleep than in a fair fight.
    • Jayne playing Sanity, lvl 5 tiefling warlock acolyte. Obsessive. AC15
    • Elliott playing Umbra the Silent, lvl 7 rogue monk criminal. AC16. All drow should be killed. Wears bandages. Uses illusions instead of words.
    • Felicia playing Noonie the lvl 4 human rogue charlatan. Too greedy for own good. AC15.
    • Chandler playing Chargrim the dwarf fighter mercenary lvl 3. AC16. Doesn’t like to admit he’s wrong.

    At the Keep on the Borderlands, Noonie asks the commander to provide the reward rates for scalps in writing. The commander agrees and orders a scribe to provide the rates, with the disclaimer that there is no reward for human scalps.

    The heroes leave the keep on the Borderlands in the morning. They travel past fortified homesteads and burned-out ruins. They ascend through the foothills to the mountains and arrive at the Caves of Chaos.

    Muad’dib uses a spyglass and sees a scalped zombie ogre in the entrance of the temple of Cthulhu.

    Umbra casts pass without trace. They sneak up to the entrance of the closest cave, that of the orcs. They surprise the sentry, killing him.

    They sneak up on two groups of orcs. They kill the first group in their sleep. Chargrim makes a noise, waking the second group. The sentries are killed before they could sound an alarm. Nine total orcs killed. 10gp looted.

    They find the orc common room and Sanity casts “Hunger of Hadar” amidst the sleeping orcs. The orcs awaken and attempt to flee, but the heroes are blocking both exits. Some flee into Noonie and Umbra’s kill zone. Most crowd into the far end of the room, outside of the Hunger of Hadar. It is a mixed group of males and females, young and old.

    Sanity uses intimidation and gets a critical success. She is a warlock of the Great Old Ones, which are the gods worshipped by the orcs. She convinces them that they have offended the Great Old Ones and must scalp themselves. The strongest orcs begin scalping the children, hoping to appease the Great Old Ones before their own scalps are required.

    The orc chief and his shieldmaidens, who were lodged elsewhere, have overheard the commotion, armed themselves, and are heading down the hall. Chargrim braces to fight them. Umbra teleports behind them and attacks the orc chief. Sanity Eldritch blasts them. Muad’dib goes on a killing rampage among the minor orcs who were scalping each other. The stronger ones fight back.
    The Shieldmaidens attack Chargrim. Noonie enters the fray. Umbra lures the chief away and kills him around the corner.

    Chargrim is struck down and dies. Fumbled death save!

    Sanity enchants one of the shieldmaidens, who attacks the others. After the other shieldmaidens are killed, the enchanted shieldmaiden leaves down the hallway and disappears around the corner, looking for more opponents.

    The heroes recover from the battle and return to supervising the remaining orcs scalping each other. Sanity detects that her spell on the enchanted shieldmaiden has ended, presumably in the shieldmaiden’s death.

    Soon after, another contingent of orcs attacks up the same passageway, led by another chieftain with more handmaidens. The heroes cast a darkness spell on them and roll ball bearings down the hall, disrupting the orcs’ charge. They fire arrows and spells into the darkness as the orcs re-organize. When they can hear the orcs preparing to charge again, they roll more ball bearings down the hall. By the time the orcs re-organize again and charge, they are weakened. The heroes easily mop up the remaining orcs.

    Meanwhile some of the orcs that were scalping each other try to escape out of the cave entrance. Noonie casts a feather token that turns into lions, and commands the lions to guard the entrance and prevent anyone from leaving. The orcs tearfully resume scalping each other. Muad’dib murders the few survivors.

    As the heroes recover from battle once again, a new foe appears from the cave entrance: a phalanx of hobgoblins. The hobgoblins form a shield wall and their archers attack the heroes. A wizard enters behind the hobgoblins and casts a fireball on some of the heroes.

    Muad’dib lifts up Chargrim’s corpse and attempts to flee through the entrance, pushing past the hobgoblins.
    The heroes use one of their items to summon a fire elemental. The fire elemental disrupts the hobgoblins. Sanity casts another “Hunger of Handar” on the hobgoblins. The hobgoblins flee the spell and elemental, following Muad’dib out of the cave.

    Outside of the cave, Muad’dib sees more hobgoblins, along with evil cult leaders and the ogre zombie. Hobgoblin archers open fire on him. Umbra parkours up the chimney to observe, and throws darts at the cult leader, severely wounding him despite the healing of the cult acolytes.

    The fire elemental rampages outside, killing the cult leader and the chief of the hobgoblins. The enemy wizard is missing, but Noonie orders a summoned lion to find him. The lion tracks the fleeing invisible wizard by scent and mauls him.

    The wizard kills the lion with magic missiles and manages to escape. The surviving acolytes and hobgoblins flee as well.

    The heroes loot and scalp their fallen opponents and return to the Keep on the Borderlands.


    Experience: 2,177 xp / each

    Loot: 280 gold and 8 silver / each for share of scalp bounties + 2x used plate armor + coins, minus cost of raise dead spell for Chargrim

  • Keep on the Borderlands July 16, 2017


    • Zeph playing Muad’dib, lvl 6 human barbarian urchin. Would rather kill enemies in their sleep than in a fair fight. AC20.
    • Jayne playing Sanity, lvl 6 tiefling warlock acolyte. Obsessive. AC15.
    • Elliott playing Bastion, lvl 6 dwarf cleric of Sumi. Fanatical in devotion to Sumi. AC21.
    • Felicia playing Noonie, lvl 5 human rogue charlatan. Too greedy for own good. AC15.
    • Chandler playing Chargrim, lvl 4 dwarf fighter mercenary. Doesn’t like to admit he’s wrong. AC17.
    • Micah playing Dehli, lvl 5 halfling rogue criminal. Money first! AC18.

    There have not been any raids against the borderlands since the last expedition of the heroes. This is probably because the humanoid denizens of the Caves of Chaos are eating their own dead.

    The heroes restock their supplies, then depart the Keep on the Borderlands in the morning. As they follow the well-worn path to the Caves, Maud’dib uses his spyglass to discover a hobgoblin sentry in a tree far up ahead. Chargrim goes alone to try to sneak up on the sentry. Unfortunately, he is spotted. The hobgoblin sounds an alarm: “Bree Yark!” The other heroes hurry up to assist Chargrim. They kill the sentry and hide near the base of the tree. Two more hobgoblins come to investigate, and the heroes kill them as well, but a fourth sentry makes it back to the Caves of Chaos to alert the denizens.

    The heroes approach the valley of the caves from above. They observe that the goblins, hobgoblins, and gnolls appear to be on high alert, with multiple vigilant sentries. The heroes enter the same orc cave that they explored in the last expedition, sneaking in through the chimney. Maud’dib tries to sneak down the hillside to observe the orc cave entrance from outside, but is observed by the hobgoblins from across the valley. The hobgoblins sound an alarm, and soon a phalanx of hobgoblins starts double-timing across the valley towards the orc cave. Maud’dib falls down the chimney into the orc cave in his haste to warn the others.

    The heroes find the orc cave to be empty and thoroughly cleared. All valuables have been removed, and only bloodstains and worthless debris remain. They journey further into the cave, finding a secret door that links the cave to the adjoining cave of another orc band. The heroes had already killed the chief and leaders of this neighboring orc band on the previous expedition, but several orc warriors remain.

    The heroes are ambushed by orc warriors as they open the secret door. Soon the heroes find themselves surrounded, with orcs in front of them, and the phalanx of hobgoblins behind them. The orcs flee to a side room along the main passage, and a large group of bugbears enters the cave complex in front of the heroes. An enemy wizard darts around the corner to cast spells at the heroes. He casts a fireball on them, and then blocks their progress with a web. They remove the web with fire. Bastion summons spirit guardians that drive the hobgoblins away.

    Eventually the heroes attrit their way to victory, slaying the remaining bugbears and orc warriors. The wizard has disappeared. They find the remaining noncombatant members of the orc tribe- mothers and children, which they slaughter for scalps. There is also some loot for them to claim, including a scroll of the fireball spell. The heroes then put up barricades to block both cave entrances and rest.

    After their nap, the heroes set off for the Temple of Cthulhu. Sanity uses the newly-found scroll to cast a fireball into the intersection beyond the entrance. This is where twenty goblins and six hobgoblins were laying an ambush. The fireball spell kills them all. A group of eight zombies stagger towards the heroes, but Bastion channels divinity to explode them. The wizard attempts to snipe at them again, but this time they have attacks readied. The wizard is slain! The heroes decapitate the wizard and then animate his corpse to question him. He is not helpful for some reason. The heroes claim his ring of protection, spellbook, and other trinkets, notably an ancient map of the surrounding lands.

    According to the map, the towering ruins across the bay were once known as “San Francisco.” LINK

    The heroes explore further into the Temple of Cthulhu. They find a shrine with a giant statue of Cthulhu. The Status animates and starts to lumber towards them. The heroes flee the statue, going further into the caves. They easily slay several cultists who attack them scimitars. As the statue lumbers closer, they are confronted by the High Priest, who blasts them with an Ice Storm. Once they slay the High Priest, the statue of Cthulhu becomes lifeless.

    The heroes thoroughly loot the Temple of Cthulhu and claim the scalps of all their humanoid victims. They have ended the threat from the Caves of Chaos and return to the Keep on the Borderlands victorious.


    Spellbook Contents:
    Alarm, Detect magic, Disguise self, Expeditious retreat, False life, Identify, Mage armor, Magic missile, Unseen servant.
    Continual flame, Darkvision, Gentle repose, Invisibility, See invisibility, Web.
    Animate dead, Fireball, Tongues, Vampiric touch.
    Blight, Locate creature, Ice storm

    Treasure: 578.6 gold pieces each (including the gp noted during the session, plus scalps).
    Experience: 1940xp each, including a bonus for completing the adventure.

  • Beyond the Borderlands September 16, 2017

    Mitchell as Varlainigen, level 1 dwarven cleric of Dexius, the “Mindstress of War.”
    Nathan as Chromio, level 1 tiefling sorcerer.
    Joshua as Eleror Therrathoth, tiefling sorcerer lvl 4, thief lvl 1.

    All three heroes have taken a ship from the Middle Empire to Novus Mudium on the mysterious Eastern Continent. Novus Mundium It is a busy and crowded city of ten thousand residents. Once a colony of the Middle Empire, it is now an independent city-state since the Imperial Governor and Legion were withdrawn due to the civil conflicts and barbarian invasions besetting the Imperial heartland. The empire had previously prohibited colonists from leaving Novus Mundium, which was established merely as a trading outpost. Now that the Imperial forces have withdrawn, there is nothing to prevent the colonists from exploring the exotic Eastern Continent and the ruins of the Ancients.

    Our heroes disembark to discover that Novus Mundium is in the midst of an election for the Senate. The former Imperial Governor was advised by a Senate of twenty patricians with hereditary positions. Now that the empire has abandoned Novus Mundium, the senate has bowed to popular pressure and agreed to add an additional member elected by vote of the citizens.

    Varlainigen, Chromio, and Eleror encounter various posters, heralds, and other campaign activities of the candidates. They learn that there are six candidates. If no candidate achieves a majority vote, a runoff vote between the top two candidates will be held. The six candidates for senate are...

    • Betsy Cleaver, Mistress of the Butchers Guild.

    • Procax Fellator, a wealthy Merchant

    • Morgoth the Magnificent, an Elven Wizard.

    • Shazdrogon the Sorcerer, a Tiefling.

    • Tormentor the Gladiator.

    • The Elder Wright, scion of a prominent shipbuilding family.

    At the behest of Varlainigen, our heroes visit the Temple of Dexius. Varlainigen is greeted by Father Patton, the Temple’s priest. While Chromio and Eleror wait in the street outside, Varlainigen communes with the goddess Dexius. She appears on the large video screen and thanks Varlainigen for coming to Novus Mundium. She sends him on a quest: to retrieve the black disc of Dark Magus. The video screen displays a map of the ruins across the bay from Novus Mundium, with a bright light highlighting the site where she is sending Varlainigen. “This is Groove,” says Dexius. “Here you may find the black disc of Dark Magus.” Father Patton arranges for a Dexius Cultist to convey Varlainigen to the ruins by boat.


    Over the course of the evening, the heroes learn that one of the candidates, The Elder Wright, has been murdered. The heroes witness, and participate in, a riot that breaks out in the forum after the candidates’ speeches.

    In the early morning hours, the heroes make their way to the docks, where they are conveyed by a Dexius Cultist by boat to the ruins.

    In the ruins, they are ambushed by scavengers but succeed in defending themselves. They evade a strange floating automaton sentry.

    Finally, the heroes reach their destination. A damaged but intact building bearing a sign that says “Groove.” The interior is arrayed like a library, with aisles of bins, each filled with square cardboard packets. As they explore, the heroes suddenly hear cacophonous music.

    A group of ghouls are listening to music that is played by a device that is powered by a stationary bicycle one of the ghouls is riding. The heroes fight the ghouls initially, then decide to negotiate with the undead. The heroes ask for the Dark Magus. The ghouls respond that they are listening to the black disc of the Dark Magus. The heroes ask what the ghouls would require to trade for the Dark Magus. The ghouls state that they would trade the Dark Magus for “Bitches’ Brew” another Miles Davis album from his psychedelic period that they haven’t heard yet. Chromio uses his spell of minor illusion to create an illusion of an album labelled “Bitches Brew” which he sets on the counter. The ghouls eagerly give the heroes their black disc (record album) of Miles Davis’ Dark Magus. The ghouls do not realize that the Bitches’ Brew album is an illusion until the heroes have escaped with their prize.

    The heroes take their record album of Miles Davis’ Dark Magus to the temple of Dexius, where they place it on the altar. A door opens and the altar retracts, depositing the record into the machine behind the wall. Dexius appears on the screen and thanks the heroes. Dexius’ file of this favorite album had been corrupted, and Dexius is thankful to obtain a new copy of Dark Magus.

    The heroes earn 1000 xp each.

  • Beyond the Borderlands September 29, 2017


    Ethan as ALAGOS, Wood Elf Ranger lvl 1. He resents all wrongs.
    Darren as AZEKSIS, Dragonborn Fighter lvl 1, Warlock lvl 4. He has the subtlety of a hammer.
    Josh as MELEGAR, Drow Bard lvl 3. He is dedicated to completing a book that he is writing.
    Zack as LUCIUS, Tiefling Bard lvl 4. He has a lizard arm. He is a con-man who can’t resist gold.
    Mitchell as VARLAINIGAN, Dwarven Cleric lvl 3, worshipper of Dexius. He speaks without thinking.


    Alagos, Azeksis, Melegar, and Lucius arrive on the docks of Novus Mundium by ship from the Middle Empire. They discover that the election campaign for senator is still being waged. The city is in chaos as factions of the various candidates fight street battles. Voting is public rather than anonymous, and there are no regulations, so candidates engage is blatant vote buying. Only citizens can vote, but one can quickly become a citizen buy purchasing property or joining the militia.
    The surviving candidates are:

    • Betsy Cleaver, Mistress of the Butchers Guild.
    • Procax Fellator, a wealthy merchant.
    • Morgoth the Magnificent, an Elven Wizard.
    • Shazdrogon the Sorcerer, a Tiefling.
    • Tormentor the Gladiator.

    The visitors settle on the Knight’s Inn for accommodations. Here they meet Varla Inigin and a merchant named Walton who is seeking bodyguards to accompany him on an expedition to the Fortress of Quindar. They all agree to accept the job for 100 gold pieces up front and 200 more on completion of the job. Walton instructs them to meet him at the docks at dawn two days later. He is waiting until after the election. When asked who he supports, he confesses that he supports Procax Fellator for his economic policies, but protests that he isn’t a racist.
    The heroes go to the bazaar to stock up on equipment. They find the road blocked by a gang of forty Procax Fellator supporters who proclaim that it is “Humans Only Day” at the bazaar. Lucius sneaks past. Azeksis attempts to barge through the demonstrators. The demonstrators attack him and a fight breaks out. The heroes kill twelve of the demonstrators and Lucius puts eight of them to sleep. The rest flee.

    After shopping in the bazaar, they visit the temple of Dexius, where Varla Inigin makes a donation. Along the way they encounter Tormentor the Gladiator who is campaigning for Senate. Azeksis engages Tormentor in a fierce handshake. They roll an opposed strength check and both roll natural 20! Tormentor urges them to join the militia to become citizens and then vote for Tormentor.

    On election day, three of the heroes attempt to vote. Alagos and Melegar accept deals from candidate Betsy Cleaver who sells them mortgaged small lots of property for no money down and delayed low-interest payments, which makes them property owners. Their sales contracts require them to vote for Betsy Cleaver. Azeksis joins the militia in order to support Tormentor. Gangs of supporters for each candidate seeks to bar supporters of rival candidates from casting their votes. Lucius sneaks past them using “disguise self” spells and casts his vote for Betsy Cleaver. Azeksis forces his way through by violence and votes for Tormentor. Alagos is thwarted by the crowd and unable to reach the poll to vote.

    After the votes are counted, none of the candidates have a majority, so the two candidates with the highest numbers of votes will face each other in a runoff election. They are Betsy Cleaver and Shazdrogon the Sorcerer.

    The next morning, the heroes meet Walton at the docks and set off on their expedition. They travel to Quindar where Walton had intended to meet the purveyors of local wine that he wants to export. Walton wanted to see how they make their wine. Instead realizes that his sellers are merely middle-men who purchases their wine from a village further inland called “Calistoga.” He vows to find Callistoga on a future expedition. They find Quindar to be a grim and foreboding place, with a bazaar in a shantytown, over which looms a massive fortress. They notice a faded sign of the ancients that says “San Quintin Prison.” They return to Novus Mundium with Walton.


    The heroes receive 100gp each for completing the mission and 200gp each for defeating the demonstrators. Those who succeeded in voting got another 200gp each.

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