Session 6 - The Mavors Purchase

  • Notes

    The party seemed much more efficient this time.

    The only complaint I have is about the ending. Seems like the rules in the "charter" need to be clearer and more focused on outfitting the needs of the party, and not individuals. The roll off method seems to not only be not very fair, but a poor tactical choice. I'll leave it to you guys, but I urge you to reconsider this method.


    • Midol the Reliever (1st Level Human Cleric of Tyche)
    • Kuk (1st Level Human Thief)
    • Earry (1st Level Dwarf Fighter)
    • Cade Merrick (1st Level Magic-User)
    • Hans (1st Level Human Fighter)


    • Amyon (1st Level Human Fighter)
    • Mak (Orc)


    We had left off with the party resting and recuperating in Muntburg until their next expedition.

    Early Winter - 22nd: The party returns to camp with a mule and cart carrying supplies from Muntburg. The goal is to shelter the supplies inside Dwimmermount for quicker resupply. The party spends the day and night in camp, readying the supplies and deciding how and where to set up the base. They also agree to bring along two sentries to assist in guarding the supplies.

    Early Winter - 23rd - Dawn: The party sets out with the supplies and sentries. Earry leads the party along the narrow, dwarfen path hidden by clever architecture and shifting walls in the fort area below the mountain. Once inside the caverns, the party finds their way to the caverns surrounding the dwarfen cemetery and leaves a stockpile of fresh supplies to be guarded by the two sentries.

    Early Winter - 23rd - Early-Morning: After unloading supplies and giving the sentries their orders, the party makes their way toward the Map Room. They pass the webbed tunnel on their way and it seems strangely quiet in that direction. Not wanting to investigate, the party continues onward and find themselves moving past the iron door -- now shut and relocked -- where the encounter with the eldritch bones that led to Onak's death happened. The party continues past that and finds themselves beyond the Map Room and into the large meeting hall.

    Early Winter - 23rd - Early-Morning: A side room is explored. This room seems unlike the others: clean, well-kept, no cracks in the stone, furniture intact. However, the room has been thoroughly looted except for a desk and a few small tables surrounded by chairs. Several experiments are conducted and the belief is that this room is somehow timeless. Cade draws a winged symbol of Asana on the wall across from the entry and the party moves on, noting this special room.

    Early Winter - 23rd - Mid-Morning: The party enters into the main hallway on the Path of Mavors, at the furthest western point. A set of double-doors enters into a large room, filled to the brim with junk piled haphazardly throughout it. Cade casts detect magic and spies a faint glow deeper into the room, beneath the mass of debris and junk. Kuk, using his thief agility, climbs over the debris -- though any other might fall straight through and wedge themselves into the junk -- and finds the spot Cade sees the glow emanating from. Deep in the junk, Kuk spots the culprit; a muck-covered backpack with a broken scroll case slipping out. He digs into the muck and hefts the case out only to disturb a nest of giant centipedes. He hastily withdraws from the junk, leaving his lantern behind and tosses a flask of oil to ignite it, crisping up several of the centipedes before fleeing across the junk once again. Earry and Midol attempt to smash through the junk, but it is just too much. The smoke begins to fill the room, so the party shuts the doors and spikes them, letting the fire spread.

    Early Winter - 23rd - Late-Morning: Back in the hallway, the party listens at a door on the northern side of the hallway and hear beatmen voices -- perhaps drawn to the area by the commotion from setting the fire? Cade has Mak listen and he confirms these suspicions. Cade offers Mak a choice: stay with the DDs or go back to the orcs. Mak seems to consider the choice, but ultimately decides to go back to join the orcs. He tells Cade to go the other way and he will try to lure the orcs away from the party. The party agrees and Cade says his goodbyes. Tears stream down his face as Mak slips through the door and leads the other orcs away.

    Early Winter - 23rd - Late-Morning: The party finds their way back down the main hallway to the intersection with the statue of Mavors. The graffiti the party originally wrote on the statue is still there: RETURN TO MAVORS THAT WHICH IS MAVORS! The party heads north and finds an unexplored room. Listening, Kuk hears the sounds of wee voices coming from within: kobolds! The party kicks the door in, surprising the kobolds, two of them who seemed to be looting a dead stone dwarf. The party easily dispatches one kobold and the other throws itself to the mercy of the party. A brief interrogation occurs and the kobold tells the party about banging noises coming from the northeast. The party believes this to be Typhon's Fist attempting to force their way into a room. The kobold warns the party of "metal men" to the south. The kobold is slain and left.

    Early Winter - 23rd - Mid-Day: The party explores in that direction, passing a door to the north in the statue hallway and moving eastward. They enter a large, unkempt room that seemingly might have been a reception hall of sorts in ages past. The party briefly searches for secret or hidden points of interest, but find none. The party continues eastward and opens into a four-way hallway. On the eastern side, the party notices a circular, open room and on the other side a warrior standing in bright torchlight. It is Ondart of Typhon's Fists. The Fists -- as Castor Troy's intel suggested -- were trying to force their way into a vault of some sort.

    The party decides to parley with Typhon's Fists and Midol makes an agreement with Jehan to split whatever is inside the vault of the DDs can open the door. Jehan agrees. Cade and Earry approach the door alone and feign magic but actually use the key found in the cavern triptych to open the door. When it irises open, Earry enters and Cade returns to get the rest of the party. Earry finds hundreds of small trinkets, easily worth thousands of gold, lying on shelves forming narrow paths through this chamber.

    It's then, a cold, ancient voice says something that causes Earry's spine to chill. He quickly exits the room and alerts the rest of the parties who form up into a shield wall with the several clerics in the party in the second rank with holy symbols outstretched and march into the room. An ancient wight trapped for perhaps centuries strikes out at Hans but cannot hurt him with the protection of Earry's shield and Earry retaliates with several powerful hammer strikes of Clandrang! Hans sets the wight ablaze and Earry finishes it off with a blow of his magical hammer.

    Early Winter - 23rd - Mid-Day: Inside the vault are thousands of gold worth of trinkets and curious, clearly looted from Thulian conquests long ago. The two parties split the treasures, including several magical items, and escort each other out of Dwimmermount. At the base of the stairs leading to the Red Doors, the party parts ways back to their camps.

    Early Winter - 23rd - Dusk: The DDs arrive back at Muntburg and spend treasure for glory and tithing.

    We end with the party resting at Muntburg, planning their next foray into the ancient center of the world: Dwimmermount.

    Until next time!

  • Session report complete. Please fill in details I left out.

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