Pooling XP Rules

  • After sleeping on it, I'm formalizing this rule:

    You cannot split individual shares of treasure between your PCs. Your PCs are autonomous individuals who want to keep their own gold and advance themselves (outside of giving to the group fund).

    This means @TomunistParty's plan for his thief to somehow become a paragon of virtue and donate all this money to El Cid / Alewood after being so fucking petty about Malgrist is not only absurd but illegal now.

    Secondly, funds going to the group do not count toward XP and cannot be spent on XP.

    Therefore, if you want to spend gold on XP, divvy it up and let people spend gold on XP. If you want to put gold into the group fund, do it. Those funds count as tangible (not valid for XP) and can be used for supplies, mercs, base costs, equipment, research, etc. Just not XP.

    Everyone read this and digest it, @Expeditions-to-Dwimmermount.

    @TomunistParty, redo your XP from last night and give Kuk his gold back.

    Any questions or loopholes you see? Let me know.

    Please feel free to revise your charter to modify your % going to group fund.

  • I propose we lessen the Party Fund amount from 25% to 10% for the time being. Last night's haul still would have netted 350 gp for the group, which is plenty for equipment and hiring the occasional hireling at low level... it's not like we need to build 50K gp laboratories or buy ships yet and the few extra 100 gp for each of us right now is huge. We can always revisit the % amount later if it needs tweaking again.

    What say ye all @Expeditions-to-Dwimmermount ?

  • Dungeon Master

    @JohnY I second this motion.

  • Third it

  • @Judge_John and I are having a side-convo I wish was on here for all to read.


    You can still forego shares of treasure (in whole or part) to make other members' share of an expedition larger. Once it goes into the "Group Fund" that's when it is disqualified for use for XP -- like spending it on equipment disqualifies it.

    This is for the reason of the "leveling people not on the adventure" loophole we've seen rear its ugly face. A group fund is accumulated over time. The shares of treasure are right now, from this adventure given to folks on the adventure.

    So, for example, since Midol was on the adventure last night. The other party members could reduce their share to increase Midol's share.

    What they couldn't do is "save up" funds that can later be used on people not on the adventure and/or not adventuring at all.

    e.g. The party finds 1,000 gp. 10% goes to Group Funds. That leaves 900 gp. Each share is 225 gp. Each character can decide for that adventure to reduce their personal shares to increase one other character's share on that adventure to help them get to the next level.

    Does that make sense?

    The difference is subtle, but prevents people from leveling OTHER folks not on the adventure.

    A rule of thumb: if you're NOT on the adventure, you should not be earning XP from treasure earned during that adventure. Since a group fund encompasses many adventures, it's easier to disallow that funding for XP and use it solely for group equipment and expenses.

    Thus, reducing your Group % is a fine idea.

  • Excellent.

  • @Mike
    That makes sense.
    I agree that both should occur.
    Reduce to 10% and XP ruling.

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