Malgrist and Isendal, +1 Scimitar & +2 Dagger

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    Malgrist is a +1 scimitar forged of adamantine steel in Volmar that glows blue when orcs, goblins, or kobolds are within 60'. Malgrist has a personality and communicates via communion. It (and its little sister, Isendal) are Lawful and will only prefer to be wielded by a Fighter.

    Isendal, the mate and little sister to Malgrist, is a +2 magical dagger forged from starmetal and strikes at +3 against orcs, goblins, and kobolds. Like her older brother, Isendal can communicate via communion and is Lawful.

    When both weapons are wielded by a Fighter, they become +3 vs Eld (Red Elves) in addition to their normal abilities.

    Both weapons were forged by ancient Volmarian master smiths -- the twins Olyvar & Ormond -- and gifted by the Volmarian king to the Thulian king to use in the battles against the Red Elves (Eld).

  • The map found with it:


  • Here's how these weapons work, dual-wielded:

    Just like normal, you get a +1 to attack for wielding two weapons (not calculated below, so if wielding both weapons add this also).

    Magical enhancements do not stack, thus you need to choose whether to strike with either the sword or dagger (depending on the situation, one might be better than the other).


    • d8 and +1 attack and damage
    • d8 and +3 attack and damage against Eld


    • d4 and +2 attack and damage
    • d4 and +3 attack and damage against orcs, goblins, kobolds
    • d4 and +3 attack and damage against Eld

    For example, a Fighter with a +1 Strength bonus, that strikes with Malgrist against an Eld gets +5 to attack (+1 dual/+3 magic/+1 str), +4 to damage (+3 magic/+1 str), and rolls a 1d8 for damage.

    The same Fighter striking with Isendal against an orc gets +5 to attack, +4 to damage, and rolls a 1d4 for damage.

    Using Malgrist against an orc, that Fighter would get +3 to attack, +2 to damage, and roll a 1d8 for damage.

    Does that make sense?

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