Adventure Log

  • Mutant Year: Zero - Loupocalypse! Session 1, played March 26, 2017 at Kaiju.

    • Thomas Walsh as Slick Willy the fixer. Puppeteer. Whisp (buddy) saved him from trouble, but what does he want in return? Thinks Gyro is dull. Crank scammed him out of bullets. Hates Pontiak the gearhead because he doesn't deliver what he promises. Protects Stalker Yassan because he delivers.
    • Wes as Whisp the Stalker. Mutant reflexes. Saved Slick Willy when he did something dumb. Freaked out by his power. Likes Gyro as a protector (buddy). Crank confuses him but is helpful. Hates Yassan because he was the first into the zone. Needs to protect Potiak because he keeps Whisp in business.
    • Jacob as Gyro (Jee-ro) the Enforcer. Four arms. Hockey mask. Slick Willy is wonderful, someday he will be mine! Whisp left me to die. Crank was still standing after a punch. Hates Millex and needs to protect Marlotte the boss.
    • Lane as Crank the Gearhead. Midget with goggles. Human magnet. Finds Slick Willy useful and likes him because he gave him bullets (buddy). Whisp is a connection to find stuff from the zone. Likes Gyro as the guy to hide behind (buddy). Hates the stalker Kara because she left Crank to die in the zone. Needs to protect Maximon because he pays well.

    Intro :
    • You are in the ark. It is a partly beached riverboat in an inlet on the South bank of a big river. A hundred yards further inland is a wide apartment complex, 4 stories high and 1000 feet long, over a parking garage.
    • everyone is young except the elder - teens or twenties. You are not sure how old you are, but you are among the younger members.
    • The elder is very old and is now bedridden.
    • Japheth was the elder's designated second-in-command, but he disappeared with the first scavenging party. Ada became the second after Japheth, but she inexplicably committed suicide shortly after Japheth disappeared. Now there is no clear successor. The most powerful boss is Maximon. Others: Marlotte, who argues with Maximon, Johammed, and Oskartian the cult leader.

    • Small bridge a mile downstream. Big bridges a little further downstream, both partly collapsed.
    • Lights upstream on the same side of the river.
    • Boats have been seen downstream, and lights downstream across the river.
    • Vorhans's scavenger team didn't return today.
    • At dusk, a spinning pinwheel leaving a column of flame and smoke descending through the sky to the Southeast. It crashed over the horizon, causing a flash that lit the whole sky. Half a minute later, there was a loud crashing noise.

    The PCs capture a talking humanoid wolf that snuck into the Ark while they are on guard duty at night. Gyro fights the wolf and Crank shoots it, hitting the metal canteen in the wolf's haversack. Willy talks to the creature, learning that it is named Callisto. Callisto explains that she was just scouting for her group and didn't plan to cause any harm, but she adamantly refuses to reveal the location of her home.

    Boss Maximon wants to kill Callisto. Boss Marlotte wants to keep it prisoner. Slick Willy wants to let Callisto go. Whisp adds the idea of following her back to her group. There is a protracted debate. Gyro supports his boss, Marlotte. Maximon sees that he can't get a consensus to kill the prisoner, but warns Marlotte and the PCs that they will take the blame for whatever the creature does. Slick Willy wins the public debate against Marlotte, who leaves the scene embarrassed, acquiring a grudge against Slick Willy.

    Crank jury-rigs Callisto's satchel so that it leaks ink, leaving a trail of spots they can follow. They follow her trail through Sector FH1135, where they take refuge in a ruined bar named The Mellwood Tavern to hide from a motorcycle gang that rides past, heading East. There are six bikes, some carrying multiple riders. In the bar, Whisp finds a bottle of painkillers. The continue to follow her through Sectors FH1235 and FH1334, but do not pause to scavenge.

    They follow the trail to a freeway underpass, and can see three towers on the other side that appear to be inhabited (in Sector FH1333). They can see movement at the tops of the towers. They do not risk detection by crossing the freeway, but observe from a distance. They can see Callisto riding to the top of the tower in a cable car made from a VW van.

    The PCs retrace their path back towards the Ark. On the way back, they encounter the biker gang again. Gyro is not able to find a hiding place before they appear. Instead, he brandishes his weapon. The bikers stop and frantically Gyro to get out of their way. He complies and they speed past him. There are now only three bikes, each with a wounded passenger. Gyro hides with the others. Moments later, a robotic drone flies past them, following the same path as the bikers.

    The PCs return to the ark and tell them about the towers. The mutants of the Ark are concerned about the threat of this new group that now knows about them. Maximon and Marlotte agree that they should build higher and more formidable palisades. The PCs join in the building effort. Gyro makes the most significant contribution.

    Determining consequences of rot from exploring the zone. Y'all got lucky!

    • Did you participate in the session? (You get one XP just for being there.): All
    • Did you perform a Day’s Work for a project in the Ark?: All
    • Did you explore at least one new sector in the Zone?: All
    • Did you sacrifice or risk something for your PC buddy? None
    • Did you sacrifice or risk something for the NPC you want to keep safe? Gyro gets 1 for intimidating followers of Maximon that were heckling Marlotte.
    • Did you sacrifice or risk something to mess with the NPC you hate? Crank gets 1 for trying to blame Kara for Marlotte yelling at Gyro.
    • Did you sacrifice or risk something to reach your big dream? None.
    Slick Willy: 3xp.
    Whisp: 3xp.
    Gyro: 4xp.
    Crank: 4xp.

    The Ark:
    • Food Supply 1
    • Culture 0
    • Technology 10
    • Warfare 1
    • Project: Defenses. 1/8 complete.

    Sectors Explored:
    FH1136: The Ark
    FH1135: The Car Field (not searched)
    FH1235: The Mellwood Tavern (briefly searched)
    FH1234: Cliftons (not searched)
    FH1334: Crescent Hill (not searched)
    FH1333: Animal Towers (observed but not entered)


  • Mutant Year: Zero - Loupocalypse! Session 2, played March 31, 2017 at Heroes

    Starring …

    • Sam as En the Enforcer, Man-Beast. Thinks Shithead is decent because he tooks one of En's punches (buddy). Thinks Mohammed is wonderful and one day will be his. Hates the fixer Milix who he thinks stole his grub. Needs to protect the chronicaller Astrina, who you secretly desire. Big dream is to find Eden.
    • Kyle as Mohammed the Stalker, Flamebreather. Think Shithead is useful (buddy). Thinks En is silly. Hates the stalker Yossan because he went deeper into the zone. Protects the Gearhead Pontiac. Big dream is to find a new sanctuary away from the Ark.
    • Tom as Shithead the Slave, Corpse-eater. En is his ticket to freedom (buddy). Doesn't trust Mohammed. Thinks he is manipulating him. Envy's Mubba, Maximon's enforcer. Hates the Chronicaller Astrina. Owned by Marlotte. Big dream is freedom.

    The PCs work on the barricade that was begun in session 1. They scavenge from the car field for parts to use in the barricade. En the Enforcer gets six successes with force and Shithead gets three successes. The two of them carry an entire van chassis back to serve as the lynchpin of the barricade, impressing the rest of the ark. The barricade is completed, increasing the Ark's warfare rating by +5.

    They decide to continue scavenging from the car field. When they return, they realize they are not alone. Shithead can sense that someone is lurking in the wreckage nearby. He swings his bat against a car hood and yells out a threat. It works: three zone ghouls take off running out of the car field, fleeing west. The PCs pursue them. En is the fastest and catches the slowest zone ghoul. The two other zone ghouls stop and shoot their slingshots in support. Shithead catches up and joins the melee. Mohammed fires his rifle. They kill two of the zone ghouls and wound the third. En suffers a serious wound - a sprained ankle (-1 to move and sneak for 3 days). They loot the zone ghouls of their weapons, and Mohammed takes a satchel full of engine parts that they zone ghouls looted from the car field. This is interesting because the people of the ark only loot car parts that can be used as raw materials to build things: nobody in the ark knows how to make a car work. The parts taken by the zone ghouls imply that they know how engines work.

    They return to the ark with the wounded zone ghoul. When questioned, the zone ghoul says that they were searching for items to barter with the Helldrivers. The bosses argue about what to do with the zone ghoul. The mutants of the ark are already worried about the animal towers knowing about the ark. They kill the remaining zone ghoul and hide the bodies by sinking them with weights in the river.

    Mohammed wants to explore the lights across the river, so they leave the ark again and head west. They realize that they will be easily spotted on the bridge during the day, and decide to wait to cross at night. While they are near the ramp to the bridge, they see a group of strangers driving past on motorcycles, heading east. The motorcycle riders don't notice them.

    While waiting for dark, they explore further west into the area of high skyscrapers. They approach a huge obelisk-like building. They encounter zone wasps. The sting of the zone wasps causes confusion in addition to wounds. Mohammed initially flees into a nearby building, leaving the other two to fight the zone wasps without him. En and Shithead retreat into the obelisk, but they are fighting a losing battle against the swarm. Mohammed comes to their rescue, using his flame breath to incinerate the swarm outside. They explore the obelisk, finding large ancient letters: "Y.U.M.!" Mohammed recovers a tuxedo, which will provide a bonus to manipulate rolls. They rest until dark and return to the bridge.

    The cross the bridge at night. In the light of the setting sun to the West, they can see a big rusting car ferry that is stuck in the river downstream. There are a lot of moving lights around it. It appears to be a center of activity.

    On the far side they are confronted by more zone ghouls. The zone ghouls can't see who is approaching in the dark, so they yell out "Marco!" Shithead makes a "Know the Zone" roll and knows the ancient reply "Polo!" The zone ghouls ask "Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, is that you?" The PC's reply "Wonder woman!" This answer doesn't work. "Wonder Woman didn't go on the mission! This isn't them!" The zone ghouls realize they are strangers. There is a tense standoff. They learn that the zone ghouls are members of a group called the "Whozeers" Shithead confesses that they killed Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Flash, but claims self defense. The zone ghouls seem to be gathering forces to attack them, so the PC's flee back across the bridge and return to the Ark.

    Sectors Explored:
    FH1136: The Ark.
    FH1135: The Car Field. Overgrown ruins (fought zone ghouls)
    FH1035: Big Four Bridge. Thick woods (evaded motorcycle riders)
    FH0935: YUM!. Decayed ruins (fought zone ghouls; found artifact: tuxedo)
    FH1036: Across the Bridge. Crumbling ruins (met Whozeers, did not explore)
    FH0836: Ferry. Looks inhabited, only observed from a distance.

    The Ark:

    • Food Supply 1
    • Culture 0
    • Technology 10
    • Warfare 6


    • En: 3
    • Mohammed: 4, risked to save Shithead from zone wasps
    • Shithead: 4 risked to save En from zone wasps.


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