Gnome Liberation Begins! Slur 4/23/17

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    Since the events of Slur XXV (see "A Teleporting Werewolf in Moondon" in the Events So Far Post), The Withered Goats, a bandit gang active in the swamps along the East Road outside of Moonthrone, consisting of Barbara the Warlock, 11 freed ghost gnomes, and any other player who wants to make a case for joining (particularly those who were there for Slur XXV or other Moonthrone games) have been living lives of banditry.

    But banditry is isn't enough anymore: recent events have changed Barbara, and the gnomes of the Withered Goats, having now experienced freedom after lives of captivity in the secret gnome farms beneath Moonthrone, cannot stand by while their families continue to live as cattle in the darkness under the city.

    On 4/23/17, the Withered Goats bust into a secret fortress in the City Beneath to liberate some gnomes.

  • I've been asked to expand on the Withered Goats battleplan for potential players, so here's what's going down:

    Barbara is a half-orc warlock whose patron is some sort of weird tentacled Elder God with the ability to open metaphysical portals to anywhere; Barbara's semi-frequent use of this ability has left him with three arms, all of them weird and messed up, due to warlock pact corruption.

    The plan is to open a magical door to the fortress and then kick it open, murdering the startled dogmen as we cut a bloody swathe to the gnome holding cells, plundering the citadel for magical riches, and invoking Glamorfrodorfilding again to open a door home/skedaddle before the city guard has a chance to muster enough forces to kill us all.

    This is explicitly a high-risk, high-reward mission: there's probably a bunch of sweet magical loot locked away in what is maybe the most secure location in Moonthrone, but the possibility that things go sideways and we all die horribly is also


    not gonna lie to you, it's pretty high.

    Also that teleportation ability is uh

    not 100% reliable, either; maybe we end up in the right place, maybe we end up in the Plane of Elemental Fire And Also Octopi, and we get fire-tentacled.

    Only one way to find out!



  • Dungeon Master

    One of the gnomes of the Withered Goats has taken the name Glam, in honor of the elder-thing patron Glamorfrodorfilding. Most of the gnomes are fine with living in the swamp with a three-armed warlock and a guy with a door where his face should be, but Glam is particularly enthusiastic when it comes to singing the praises of the Lord of Portals, and has even taken over prime care-taker duties for Door-Face.

    One morning, the gnome Jiffur, who was ordered to check Door-face's bonds (Door-face tried to throw himself under the wagon wheels again, and had to be tied up for the evening), reports that he saw a leg sticking out of Door-face's door just before the door closed behind it; and Glam is missing.

  • Judge

    I am sad I'll be out of town for this! One day I'll play in your game, @Lane!

  • Dungeon Master

    The evening after Glam goes missing, watch-gnome Haggle cries out the alarm just before a pack of wolves tears through the Withered Goats base camp. Chaos ensues, as many panicking (and some sleeping) gnomes are trampled, but after a few minutes of sniffing over the terrified and confused bandits, the wolf pack disappears back into the swamp. Surprisingly, apart from some bruises, no one is injured.

    Ben, the former Beggar's Guild urchin adopted by Barbara, finds a letter in his pocket. It reads:

    So. "The Withered Goats," huh?
    That was a neat trick you pulled magicking those gnomes out of the city. We know now of course that you weren't the mercs we thought we had hired for the job, but you seem to have done right by the little guys, so we can't complain too much, even if you did screw up negotiations with some other friends we had planned to make.
    A little dog of ours heard you might have some big plans. We might be able to help.
    If you're interested, meet us in the basement of the Quartered Witch at midnight, three nights from now. We may have some friends who'd like to help out.

    The Folk

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