Session 7 - The Slaying of the Spider Demon

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    A really good session. Lots of places explored. A huge battle that led to several folks increasing to 2nd level. A full section has been captured. And, a nice ending point.

    @Judge_John hates the Ambrosius rule for HD because he didn't increase in hit points. :crying_cat_face: Hang in there until 3rd level and decide!

    We are out of character sheets. I'll bring more next session.


    • Anomander (1st Level Human Fighter) leveled to 2nd
    • Alewood (1st Level Human Cleric of Tyche) and then Kuk (1st Level Human Thief)
    • Earry (1st Level Dwarf Fighter) leveled to 2nd
    • Cade Merrick (1st Level Magic-User) leveled to 2nd
    • Hans (1st Level Human Fighter) leveled to 2nd
    • Castor Troy (1st Level Human Thief) and then Humphrey (1st Level Human Cleric of Donn)


    • Climent (1st Level Human Magic-User)


    We begin with the party resting at Muntburg, planning their next foray into the ancient center of the world: Dwimmermount.

    Early Winter - 24th - Dawn: The party meets up at the Green Dragon Inn for a warm breakfast and to await the arrival of Castor Troy's hire, Climent. Climent arrives and Cade drills him on his knowledge of azoth. He seems agreeable to Climent's knowledge, but Alewood is gripping the Phalange of Jacián and it warms in Climent's presence. Alewood warns Castor Troy using thieves' cant.

    Early Winter - 24th - Early Morning: The party gets on the road to their camp at the base of Dwimmermount. On the way, Alewood keeps his hand on the phalange and it seems to stay warm, indicating that Climent is indeed the cultist they believe him to be.

    Early Winter - 24th - Early Morning: When arriving at the camp outside Dwimmermount, Climent says he has to go take a shit. Castor Troy follows him and when he turns his back to get some privacy, Castor Troy uses a blackjack to knock him out. Castor drags Climent back to camp where he is stripped and looted. The party then begins to interrogate Climent. Alewood finally gets through to him and Climent makes a deal that if he divulges what he knows, he asks to be let free to leave Dwimmermount, Munburg, and flee. Alewood agrees and makes an oath to Tyche.

    Climent tells Alewood that he is working for the Termaxian cultists in the area. He is to report on comings and goings of adventurers and other notables in Muntburg. He is then to climb Dwimmermount and secretly stash away the details in a niche near the Alchemist's Door.

    After getting this information, there is a long debate on whether to kill Climent or free him as Alewood agreed to do. The debate gets heated and Alewood is forced to stand between the rest of the party -- except Anomander -- and Climent. Finally, instead of coming to blows, the party agrees to free Climent, but bound and gagged on the wintry slopes of Dwimmermount. Alewood agrees this would fulfill his bargain and pledge to Tyche. Climent's belongings (dagger, potion of invisibility, and spellbook with Charm Person [and other basic spells]) are divvied up.

    A note is left in the niche that says, "The Fists were here".

    Early Winter - 24th - Mid Morning: The party rallies their 10 mercenaries set to be on duty at the forward base near the Shrine of Tyche on the Path of Mavors. Earry leads the party up the dwarfen path through the falling snow to the dwarfen entrance to Dwimmermount. The caverns are quiet and the party easily makes their way to their base. The two mercs who had remained there overnight seemed quite spooked to stay in Dwimmermount overnight by themselves and are quite relieved to see reinforcements.

    Early Winter - 24th - Mid Morning: After settling in, the party's plan is to head to the cavern of the Spawn of Arach-Nacha and attempt to fight it. They find their way to the cavern and find a water-filled, web-covered large cavern. Many tunnels lead off into the walls and ceiling of the cavern. In the center water-covered floor, there is a pebbled island with an open chest filled with coins, gems, and a strange disc. Everyone except Cade moves forward into the cavern toward the chest. Alewood casts light on the center ceiling of the cavern, which makes it easy to determine the water is only 6-12" in depth throughout. When the party is very near the island, a huge spider with a man-like face emerges, along with three smaller, but still massive black widows.

    A battle ensues and the Spawn of Arach-Nacha spits a web that hits Alewood and Han who are immobile in the sticky, powerful strands. Castor Troy is struck by the bite of a giant black widow and goes down. Cade is firing magic missiles from his wand from the tunnel. Earry & Anomander fight off the spiders, but not before the Spawn bites into the restrained Alewood, killing him. Finally, the spiders and Spawn are slain, though at the cost of two party members. The treasure is looted and the party returns to base, camp, and then town with a sizeable hoard of coins, gems, and a strange disc that Cade identifies as some sort of operational device for the elevator previously discovered.

    Early Winter - 24th - Mid Day: The party returns to Muntburg, splits the loot, and spends the rest of the day in revelry.

    Some of the party have enough experience now to increase in level. Cade, Anomander, Earry, and Hans all increase to 2nd Level.

    Early Winter - 25th - Dawn: The party returns to camp the next morning and fills the empty slots of Castor Troy and Alewood with Kuk, the thief, and Humphrey, a cleric of Donn.

    Early Winter - 25th - Early Morning: The party once again enters Dwimmermount and this time they find the whole of the caverns sectioned off as a captured territory. Their mercs have built up walls and fortifications and patrol the area. The party decides to explore more of the Path of Mavors. They make their way first to see what has changed with the burned room. Inside, Kuk finds the spot where the scroll was and digs out several hundred coins. That's all that seems to be of value in the room, so the party explores eastward to the section of hallway with several doors that have yet to be opened. The first is a set of double-doors that leads to an empty, dusty barracks with a pantry attached. Several hundred coins are found scattered in the dust and debris, but otherwise the rooms have nothing of interest.

    Early Winter - 25th - Early Morning: Then, the party heads to the southern doorway. There are echoing voices heard from within. Cade pretends to be an ancient officer and commands the Thulian apparitions to get back to duty, while Humphrey collects the bones of the ancient soldiers for a proper send-off from Donn [this hasn't happened yet, Humphrey is just carrying the bones]. To the east of this room, a small passage opens up into another chamber that has six pedestals with a metallic foot-plate. From this chamber, there is only one exit: a narrow, spiraling downward stair. The party takes turns stepping on the pedestals which project mental holograms into the viewer's field of vision. They are summarized below:

    MEMORY 1: An Eld envoy arrives and begins construction of an Eldritch Machine that once constructed opens a portal that Red Elves pour through and capture Dwimmermount.

    MEMORY 2: A pitched battle between Thulian armies and the beastmen and demons commanded by the Red Elves, followed by the assault on Dwimmermount and the capture of the Great Machine on The Manufactory. Temples and shrines built within the halls of Dwimmermount.

    MEMORY 3: A man whose face resembles that of the statues on this level wanders the great cities of the Thulian empire, but a beggar preaching Men could achieve divinity using magic and alchemy and denouncing the Great Church. A handful of witnesses become great crowds. Magic-users are hunted down and subjugated or killed. The preacher eventually surrenders himself to authorities who chain and drag him into Dwimmermount and down brightly lit halls. The halls fade to black and there are screams.

    MEMORY 4: Powerful nobles collude behind each others’ backs, clearly the beginnings of the Termaxian cult. They murder non-believers and slowly infiltrate the advisors to the emperor and using magic to solve problems. The emperor is poisoned by his own daughter, a Termaxian hierophant who ascends to wearing the Iron Crown of Thule and instituting the worship of Turms Termax as the true religion of the empire.

    MEMORY 5: Rebellion stews in the empire as the Termaxians become more and more tyrannical. The emperess begins to put down rebellions using powerful magic. Atrocities begin to spread and the Termaxians begin using armies of beastmen to fill their armies. Clerics of Typhon and Tyche lead a revolt, causing entire provinces to secede from the empire with their victories. The rebels march on Dwimmermount but as they arrive, it is dark and all the entrances are sealed. They install a force to keep watch on it.

    MEMORY 6: Panning from the quiet town of Muntburg, two Termaxians lead an sortie to the Alchemist’s Door. High in the sky a triple conjunction of Ioun, Kythirea, and Areon causes the arcane glyphs to brighten with ferocity. The door opens and the cultists march inward, the door seals behind them. They are shown fighting their way through halls, great and small, down narrow passages and stairs, over what seems like days, maybe weeks, until finally entering a large room lit by four vitreum radiance panels in its ceiling. The room is dominated by a vast apparatus of azoth, adamantine steel, and nephelite resting on a raised dais connected to the floor by broad steps. A bewildering array of orichalcum wires connects the body of the machine to pillars of orichalcum situated on either side of it. Dozens of dwarfs leap forward to protect the machine as the intruders fight them off and eventually slay or drive off the dwarfs. One of the Termaxian leaders figures out how to use the machine, but not before accidentally disabling some sort of perimeter boundary, and begins performing a variety of tasks with it, one of which includes creating stony dwarf-like beings to act as troops.

    These memories are associated with facts that can be referenced here: Secrets of Dwimmermount.

    Early Winter - 25th - Early Morning: The party decides to continuing exploring the Path of Mavors instead of descending and heads back to check the northern door. Inside, they find a room filled with debris covered in an orange-ish mold. The party decides to avoid the room and makes their way back to the room they had previously slain two kobolds who told them of metal men. They enter that room and the room to the south and find a mechanism with a series of levers that seem to active training dummies on a shifting rail that moves about the room. Earry moves into the room and Cade activates the levers and two training dummies animate. Earry fights them for 20 seconds before realizing he is not quite skilled enough to defeat the training dummies handily. Cade beckons the party to stay and experiment more, but he is vetoed and the party leaves, moving northward back toward where the looted vault was.

    Early Winter - 25th - Mid Morning: The party moves past the dead dwarfs and explores a southern passage that -- according to their map -- seems to meet up on the northern side of the orange mold room. They head back to the marble door and push it open. It swings smoothly and quietly, and within they find what seems to be a chapel, once dedicated to Mavors, that has been desecrated. Six pillars line the eastern and western walls of this chamber and a marble altar is against the southern wall. Inside the pillars, hang strange chandeliers that seem almost to be formed by skeletal forms that shimmer in the firelight as if covered in azoth (see image below for a similar idea -- I know this was confusing to some). More eldritch bones? Kuk enters the chapel and quietly sneaks over to the altar. He sees that gemstones have been pried from the altar's edge. He also notices scrape marks along the floor near the altar. Perhaps it moves? He begins to push on the altar, when suddenly there is a clanging of chains and the heat sucked from the room as the eldritch bones animate.

    Next time we will begin by... ROLLING FOR INITIATIVE!

    Until next time!

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    Imagine something like this, but without the mini skeletons and the main skeleton having legs, sitting Indian-style.


  • Report complete!

    Let me know if I left out any important details.

  • Ven

    Great write up. The only thing I can think of missing was the "gag" note we left the Termaxians in Climint's drop spot.

  • @JohnY said in Session 7 - The Slaying of the Spider Demon:

    Great write up. The only thing I can think of missing was the "gag" note we left the Termaxians in Climint's drop spot.

    That's right.

    It said something and signed The Fists. Do you recall what was said exactly?

  • Ven


    All it said was The Fists were here

  • @JohnY said in Session 7 - The Slaying of the Spider Demon:


    All it said was The Fists were here

    Sweet. Added.

  • We should stop trying to frame others and build a lore unto ourselves. LET THEM FEAR THE DD

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