• I am completely new here and to nerd louisville. Would enjoy finding a group to play d&d with. I haven't played d&d since the early 90s but would like to find some cool peeps to play with. I can be free any one night of the week and don't mind driving wherever in louisville.

    Hope to meet some of you all soon. :)

  • I recommend coming to Kaiju this Sunday afternoon Apr 23 for "Slur Your Role." Get there before 4pm. It's an event we hold every two weeks. There will be six tables playing D&D and other RPGs. They aren't ongoing groups with dedicated members; all tables are open to new players. It's a good way to meet local gamers and find a regular group. If this Sunday doesn't work, try Heroes Comics and Gaming on Friday April 28th at 8pm: It's basically the same thing, but for all ages, in a game shop instead of a bar. Hope to see you there!

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