Bundle of Holding - Savage Worlds: East Texas University

  • Attention, students: The Faculty Committee has approved the East Texas University Bundle, featuring the Savage Worlds tabletop roleplaying campaign setting from Pinnacle Entertainment about modern-day academic horror in Pinebox, Texas. If you've already visited this sleepy Big Thicket town created by the 12 to Midnight studio, you know snake cultists run the local bar, vengeful spirits haunt the high-school locker room -- and at East Texas University, the beer is enchanted and your advisor wants to kill you.

    Southern rural horror right out of Bubba Ho-tep by way of Buffy and The X-Files, East Texas University scored top marks in its May 2014 Kickstarter campaign. Now you can get almost the entire ETU line, plus the complete Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook, cheaper than a pitcher of magic beer.

    For just US$9.95 you get all five titles in our Student's Collection (retail value $43) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks or audio tracks, including Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition (retail $10 -- previously presented in several past offers), plus the East Texas University core campaign book (retail price $15) and ETU Player's Guide (retail $5), Archetypes (retail $3), the Trouble in Texas soundtrack (retail $10), and we throw in an ETU Welcome Kit of free downloads from the Pinnacle website.

    And if you pay more than the threshold price of $21.53, you'll level up and also get our entire Dean's Collection with twelve more titles worth an additional $69, including the complete Savage Worlds Plot Point campaign Degrees of Horror (retail $15) and the Class Ring adventure (retail $6); Heroes of ETU and Horrors of ETU Figure Flats (retail $7 each); four full-color .PDF poster maps: Classrooms, Library, Off Campus Housing, and Pinebox Businesses (retail $4 each); and the University Press Kit and GM Screen Inserts (retail $4 each). And since this offer launched, we've added Horror for the Holidays (retail $7) -- a short seasonal adventure based on the last public lynching in Texas, where the victim was dressed as Santa Claus -- and La Bruja (retail $3), a short "Creature Feature" about ETU's most sinister señoritas.

    Start studying -- there will be a test!

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