Bren's Revelries

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    Bren Holly is a king of revelry. His success in battle brings his blood to a boil, and he releases its pressure with drink, food, games, and women, as would be a fitting service to Caint. This time, though, he spends his initial time in solitude, slowly working down a serviceable wine, mulling it with thoughts of honor, fair dealing, mercy, and shame. He thinks on his odd friend Cade, with whom he came to Muntburg with along with that hawk-nosed prude Belldeem seeking riches, glory, and knowledge. He thinks on legacy.

    Knowing he'll be missed at the tavern, and knowing work is to be done, he puts on his big smile and belting laugh, and for the first time, it feels like donning a mask. A mask he loves, and isn't hard to wear. He heads to the bar for a good dose of drink, food, games, and women. And to find a couple hardy motherfuckers with some Caint-damned shields.

  • @Jackson Love it!

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    @Mike to try and find some willing recruits at the bar, as opposed to the bonding house, if possible.

  • @Jackson said in Bren's Revelries:

    @Mike to try and find some willing recruits at the bar, as opposed to the bonding house, if possible.

    Gimme some more details. Who exactly are you looking for and what qualifications?

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    @Mike Generally, he's looking for hardened warrior types who, whilst in their cups have greater than average positive reaction to Bren's tales, jokes, and banter about adventure and glory. He'll take every opportunity to bolster the DD's reputation as an effective, high morale, all accepting adventuring company. Specifically, he's only looking for 1-2 people who have seen at least one fight, have at least one good arm with which to wield a shield, and seems like they could withstand the bleating advances of El Cid while in a shield wall with him.

  • [dice 2d6]

  • Bots

    2d6: 5, 1

  • What is Bren's CHA?

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    @Mike 18

  • Oh. Okay.

    [dice 1d100]

  • Bots

    1d100: 36

  • The bar at the Green Dragon Inn is in full swing, standing room only and a loud cacophony of clinking steins and raucous banter. You shove your way into the bar and quickly begin to make friends. Before long, a crowd stands around you as you regal them with tales of the horrors and splendors of Dwimmermount and all the heroics of the Double Ds within those ancient halls -- at times masking the truth and at others embellishing it.

    As the night grows long and even more folks find shelter from the wintry snap, your tale is interrupted by a duo of bearded, red haired northmen who enter storm-laden. They order heavy ale and add to the revelry with music from their rebec and horn pipe. They introduce themselves as Calistag and Dunnerre, brothers come to Muntburg after hearing tales of the unsealing of Dwimmermount. Calistag wears leather studded with bronze and carries a yew longbow while Dunnerre wields a heavy battle axe and round shield painted with three shooting stars over a red field.

    They are keen to hire on for an expedition but they only go together.

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    @Mike Bren ushers them to a table and orders enough ale to keep the three properly sated long enough to have a conversation, unperturbed. Eavesdroppers and hangers on he dismisses with a loud quip and a smile.

    "Yessir, brothers in battle is always a sight to see, and a man'd be an egg suckin' fool to buy a cart with one wheel. Now, do you two got surnames or should I stick with the Three Star Brothers for callin' ya? I can tell well enough that you're keen on entering the mountain, but I'm bound by the forces of parchment and quill to ask what your business might be for coming, what of her secrets do you want by plumbing her depths?"

  • The three of you huddle near a fireplace table and keep the rounds and logs coming deep into the night. You get on well with these brothers and they are both talkative, cut each other off, heckle each other, and generally seem like good, boisterous fellas.

    Calistag: Our pa's a drunken fool who left us when we were but boys. So, fuck 'im and his horse. We ain't taken his name or any other.

    Dunnerre: Drunken fool is right. It's how Calistag got it. Anyways, our baby brother died when we was boys. Drowned in a mine flood.

    They both raise their mugs and drink to that.

    Calistag: That's the third star.

    Dunnerre: If you must call us by something, we're of Vidda. That's where we hail from.

    Calistag: And, where we left from. Mine'is all dug up and they ain't payin' what they used to for what's left.

    Dunnerre: Figger if we gonna die in a mine shaft, might as well be Dwimmermount's shaft fucking us.

    Calistag taps on a grimy vial dangling round his neck. Something ashy is within the corked glass.

    Calistag: They also say you can bring people back. The Vidda brothers might be reunited.

    They both raise their mugs and drink to that.

    Dunnerre: But, dreams don't put food on table and sharpen axes. What you paying, good Holly?

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    Bren raises his mug with them.

    "The loss of a brother isn't something to wish on anyone, I drink to his memory. But you're surely right, hopes don't pay anyone but fools. Now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and a jealous husband here, and I'll tell you why. I don't aim to tell you nothing but truths, that way I've got less to remember in the morning. First, our company has just planted a little for seed, so to speak, so we're not as flush with cash as we might be. Second, you fellas seem like honest men, but prudence being what it is, I can't give you the whole share of my trust just yet. Unfortunately we've had some hires that didn't work out, trustin'-wise. Last, there are two of you, and though I wouldn't split you for a bottle of Volmarian Grand Cru, I only came looking for a man with a shield. So here's what I can do, and you can leave it if you want, go to the bonding house, do it official like. Won't hurt my feelings​. I can pay you 100 gp each for the expedition, and I don't mind telling you that half that will come out of my own purse, cause I like the two of you together. We can get a suit of armor on you, Callistag, and some javelins. A sword at your hip, Dunnerre, just in case. But here's the rub, boys. I can only offer the two of you one half share of our haul total, situation being what it is. If'n we all make it back to Muntburg, who knows, maybe next time would be different. As for hopes and dreams, I've got someone I think I've got the same hopes for, who we can drink to, so we can maybe see if rumors are true together. Other than that, this being a company, I'd of course have to run it by the others, so I can't even guarantee an expedition, as much as if like to. How about that, fellas?"

  • Cal and Dunn excuse themselves to order a new round of drinks at the bar. You can see them discussing the proposition between themselves.

    [dice 2d6]

  • Bots

    2d6: 5, 1

  • Your chronicles of the Double Ds' glories and the grandeur of Dwimmermount seems to have sunk into the mind's eye of the brothers of Vidda and they come back in high spirit.

    Cal: We'll take you up on yer offer for the first sortie, Bren.

    Dunn: Armor. Arms. A retainer up front. And, half share of treasure split between us.

    Cal: 'Course, we'll be expectin' to show that the brothers o' Vidda pull their weight.

    Dunn: An perhaps next time, we get a share for each of us and we seal it official with ole Hermen at the Bondin' House.

    Cal: We have a deal?

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    "I can't guarantee anything but my own good word that I'll vouch for the Vidda Brothers if we return in glory. Now I still am having to run all this by the company, but be here first light in the morning, ready for an extended trip. Ten days of rations each, now, and water. Caint willing, I'll be flapping my tongue about the Brothers at the Inn when we all return."

  • They glance at the butt crack of dawn spilling into the windows of the Green Dragon Inn.

    Dunn: Let's get some shut-eye then. We've rented a room here.

    Cal: Come find us if your company agrees to the deal.

    They stumble off and up the stairs to their room and you feel a sudden heaviness fall on the lids of your eyes.

    Shit, you think to yourself. I'm supposed to be going to Dwimmermount in the morning.

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