Don't drop the Ball

  • Dungeon Master

    As I mentioned last session, I think we need a party "Football" (but for continuity maybe call it the Egg) to go on every expedition in which we put valuable, party owned items in that can be used in times of great need. It should be carried in an extremely safe position, and recovered at all costs. We can put yet to be identified items in it, extra treasure, books, etc in it, and generally avoid a Cade situation, where so much value is entombed away from everyone. (Sorry about that). Proposed initial contents, assuming it is an extra quick access pouch, work on the hip:

    1. Scroll case with Ward vs. Undead, and copies of all maps, and the DD charter.
    2. Caduseus of the Termaxians
    3. Potion of Invisibility
    4. Pouch with 100 GP, for bribes
    5. A medic kit, bandages and all that
    6. Elevator disc
    7. Black ornate key
    8. Rod of opening (@TomunistParty ?)

  • Yeah some of these items are far more useful as "party items" and not individual's items. You might want to put the elevator disc on this list as well.

  • Lets not take the elevator disk until we know it actually operates the elevator.

  • Dungeon Master

    @TomunistParty we do know it does, Cade cast identify on it

  • @Jackson
    Well then we should keep it safe in camp until we decide on an elevator plan. I don't want to lose it in that dungeon.

    Rod of opening is in the community chest.

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