Dwimmertalk Highbarrow

  • Using my horde of treasure I have food from his homeland prepared as we converse. We have this meeting in Ludvan's family home beyond the eyes of Despot spies. Ludvan's mother is an excellent cook and the money is much appreciated.

  • Did this happen?

  • Yes I'll get to this.

  • You sit at the small hovel on the outskirts of Muntburg. You can tell the Lord Highbarrow is unpleased by such humble accommodations but he makes no mention of it. He wears a brilliant green cloak embroidered with golden thread and a simple headband of silver to keep his long, bronze hair out of his eyes. He is a man of 40 winters, and perhaps a warrior in his youth.

    Thank you for your hospitality, madam.

    He smiles, courtly-like. Then takes a seat across the simple, wooden table.

    Thank you for meeting me. The Lord of Retep City will be pleased.

  • @Mike
    You are most welcome, and thank you for accepting my humble invitation. I am delighted to host at the pleasure of the Lord of Retep City.

    Before taking my seat I pour him the wine using only my thumb and two middle fingers, a high Thulian gesture that denotes that the guest has made a sacrifice (or taken a risk) in accepting the invitation, and that the host offers his apology for such circumstance.

    As you know, there are adventuring companies scouring the Dwimmermount in search of its true power. Power which, though undiscovered, is evident to all who walk this earth. If such power was discovered, and then fell into the wrong hands, well. . . woe to all mankind. It is my desire that a fair and just lord, such as the one of Retep City, will be the one whom benefits from the secrets of the Dwimmermount. Secrets which the Double Ds discover regularly and are willing to share access to.

    Ill await his reply before moving to terms.

  • The Lord Highbarrow must be unaware of the ancient customs of the Thulian empire and your gesture seems lost upon him. Perhaps the people of Retep City are far more removed as a city-state than the southern lands of Volmar, where you hail from.

    Of course. All know the legends of Dwimmermount. The Castellan reports quite the influx of treasures coming out of the ancient halls. But, the Lord of Retep City is far more interested in this... power... you mention. Do you have examples of such a thing? Drawings of the machines found within? Maps to the places of power? Something I can take to the Lord along with whatever proposition we discuss this eve.

  • El Cid gives a general history of Turms Turmax, then elaborates.

    The evidence in Dwimmermount indicates that Turmax used the power of the Dwimmermount to make himself a god. Let me be clear here, he didn't make himself some false idol, the power is real, albeit twisted. Just look at the streets of Muntburg, everyday these Turmaxians meet, worship, and plot for a tyrant long passed. Now, what one man can do, so can another. If a. . . despot existed today, this would be the ends he seeks, to become a god himself; however, it is my hope that a more just and independent Lord would be the one to have the use of such influence. Now this is what everything is pointing to, it is yet discovered. A wise lord would want to discover it first.

    And the DDs will find it first. One crucial device we have is an elevator which gives access to the whole of the Dwimmermount. An elevator the DDs have the remote control to. With the right partner the DDs could exploit this advantage and uncover the secrets with greater celerity than any other troupe.

    I give him a copy of the first level map to show his lord, and let lord Highbarrow's eyes peer at the disk that controls the elevator (but he doesn't get to take it). This is just the initial findings, it is proof of our competence and thoroughness and also contains some of the discoveries made within. I trust it is evidence enough, fair lord.

    This is what we offer, the Lord of Retep City gains access to all within the mount that would expand his influence, and we will work to prevent his rival(s) from gaining such influence. If that is what he desires, then we can discuss our terms.

  • Even Mathilde lets out a slight gasp when you pull out the ancient disc. Highbarrow fondles the it, depressing the buttons on it and examining it closely.

    Impressive display. This is certainly of ancient make. Perhaps the Great Ancients created this themselves.

    He then peruses the map you've permitted him to look over.

    You've explored quite a bit. The Lord Mayor of Retep City will be amenable to terms if I were to relay this and vouch for you. However, he will have high demands in return for his patronage. He will want reports of everything found within Dwimmermount. Everything. Secondly, anything of particular interest in securing Dwimmermount the Lord of Retep City will want a claim to. This includes in machines and places of power. And, finally, if the secrets of Turms Termax are discovered, the Lord Mayor Lategnem will want you to bring those secrets directly to he and he alone. In exchange, the Lord Mayor will reward you financially for these secrets, information, and securing of the various places of power. And, he will offer men from his legions to help protect what you discover. You have no doubt heard that the Despot of Adamas has sent his Crimson Band to secure Winterburg. They will no doubt launch expeditions soon into Dwimmermount and begin to capture points there. It could come to conflict. You will want a powerful patron should the Despot revoke your letter of marque.

    He pauses and sips his wine.

    There may be other demands, but this I know. What are your terms?

  • Ill hand him our DD charter.

    You ask for quite a bit fair lord Highbarrow. You are truly a capable and loyal representative.

    Just to head off any problems, be sure to read our protocol for magical items. I doubt most of these will be of interest to the great Lord Mayor, and I am confident that the mayor could barter a deal with that member to procure a specific item if need be; but just so you know how we operate.

    That being said, everything sounds agreeable to me.

    These are our terms. You construct a grand hall in Muntburg for the Double Ds, as well as a walled encampment outside our exclusive entrance we have into the Dwimmer. Procure us a carriage to ensure the safe passage of the loot from the camps on/in the Dwimmer to the Muntburg hall. These demands mutually benefit both of our goals.
    Then pay the DDs a monthly retainer, just as you would a mercenary band- or worse a lawyer, of 2,500gp.
    And lastly, for my personal benefit, If I am still alive when this is all over, I would desire to have a position serving the Lord of Retep City. I greatly admire Retep, being a noble under the Despot has revealed to me the cruelty of oppression. I find such abuse distasteful. I wish to succeed by merit, as those of Retep, that is why I came here to the Dwimmermount.

    <el Cid then says the former moto of the kingdom of the 5 valleys> "from suffering success, and from success liberty!"

  • What is El Cid's CHA score again?

  • @Mike
    A beneficial 1. What do i need to roll?

  • Roll 2d6.

  • [dice 2d6]

  • Bots

    2d6: 6, 4

  • -1 so a total of 9

  • @TomunistParty
    all that roleplay for a fucking 9

  • @TomunistParty said in Dwimmertalk Highbarrow:

    all that roleplay for a fucking 9

    The dice gods are fickle fucks.

  • Hehehehe.

    Highbarrow furrows his high brow. He then nods. Gulps down his wine and stands, collecting his things.

    I will take this offer to the Lord Mayor and have your answer within the fortnight.

    He stands, exits the hovel, and enters the carriage, which is driven away by a driver of some stature.

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