Dwimmertalk Nirmalan

  • I arrange to meet her just outside of town on the way to Dwimmermount. There she will talk with all of us.

  • I guess this didn't happen.

  • You didn't have a chance until your most recent return. Who else is there?

  • lets say humphrey, whomever jackson char will be, Midol, Francios, and THE BLACK.

  • You find yourselves in a snowy glade on the edge of the Evensong Woods a few miles northeast of Muntburg. In the twilight, Indwin appears pale in her fur-lined cloak held by an electrum brooch that whistles in the breeze. She appears to be alone, though you sense she has no fear within her.

    She says something in the elvish tongue. And, then steps deeper into the moonlight, her elven eyes seemingly glowing slightly indigo.

    Thank you for meeting me under such curious circumstances.

    She bows to you all.

    I am Indwin Nirmalan.

  • I am el Cid, and we are the ranking members of the Double Ds. Thank you my lady for your invitation, your beauty and power rivals that of the mount that towers over us. We greet you and your cadre. What is it that such an elegant woman would like to discuss?

  • I wish to discuss interests I have within Dwimmermount and how we might come to an arrangement as to procurement of such interests and payment for such endeavors. I have also heard you may be seeking a patron for your adventuring band. I would like our arrangement to be separate and apart from whatever patron you find. And, our business secret from all, including the aforementioned patron.

  • Secrets. I can keep secrets. Speak your desires and we will keep them between us.

  • She grins.

    You are willing to keep whatever you find pertaining to my interests a secret, no doubt. But, I must ensure it. You and your companions must agree to a geas before we can seal the arrangement. What is it that you wish from me in exchange?

    Reylas would know that a geas is a magical compulsion to perform some sort of task.

  • Those who do not trust, cannot be trusted. We will not "geas." If you wish to be partners we must be able to trust one another.

    El Cid drops his pack and weapons and approaches close to the lady with arms out wide and hands visibly empty.

    The best way to find out if you can trust someone, is to trust them.

    OutOfChar: I am making a theatrical show that i am trusting her and so we can be trusted, no strings (geas) necessary.

  • The elf makes no movement and shows no reaction to your display.

    It is not you I don't trust. It is the world of magic. You can share this information without knowing it or unintentionally. If you cannot agree to a geas, I'm afraid we have no deal.

    She begins to turn and leave the glade.

  • @Mike
    (I don't want to speak for the others, they can fucking chime in) I will agree to your geas, if you agree to a single term. One kiss from you.
    OOC: Ima seduce this bitch.

  • @Expeditions-to-Dwimmermount

    Does anyone else chime in?

  • Dungeon Master

    @Mike I'd say, in general I don't want deals made that affect the entire campaign, where spoils go to, what we do with the knowledge uncovered, have the course of our exploration set for us, give up access to, now or in the future, everything that we discover.... I think I'm opposed to the geas. How did we get here?

  • Ven

    Does this happen before the marathon Saturday? Gurdal will have some words if given the opportunity :)

  • Ven

    I too am fine with forming alliances, but not down for a geas. If she's all or nuttin', then I vote DDs are out.

  • Ven

    @Mike said in Dwimmertalk Nirmalan:


    Does anyone else chime in?

    if this is applicable, if not, disregard
    Indwin Nirmalan, you may not know of me and I know not of you. I am Gurdal Hammerfall, of the forgotten dwarven Vault Ironhead. My only memories of our home land is fleeting dreams when I close my eyes. I hold no allegiance to magic or to the gods. My allegiance lies in this (presenting his warhammer), this (presenting his shield), and this (clapping his nearby friends on the shoulders). Blood, bone, and steel... these are the things that forge trust, bonds, and allegiances. A hardy word means not to me when brothers and sisters of dwarven, elven, and human kind have shed blood alongside of me. A secret is easily kept, but a bond is unspoken. To subject myself, or anyone in the DD's to a Geas is a fools gesture. True allegiance can not be bought, it must be earned. Should you need my hammer in a time of trouble or desperation, I will be there. However, I will not be forced to give my ferocity and allegiance, it must be earned madame. To this, I humbly bid you adieu.
    To anyone who knows the persona of Gurdal, this is a most tempered and tenured response. He will give his life to safe a friend, of any race, but is normally aggressive to outsiders, especially those making (in his mind) unreasonable requests. He is a very gruff and coarse voiced individual, but he is the type of ally that can not be bought.

  • Humphrey step forward " Good evening, my name is Humphrey a cleric of Donn." Putting his hand on his chest and bows. At the same time to see if the finger is warm.
    " I must agree withe El Cid and decline your request on using magic on me or my friends. I have seen the good that magic can do but too many time have i seen magic use to corrupt the soul of many creature. Have you ever venture the halls of Mt.Dwimmermount?

  • @Jackson
    Shit dude this is an old ass thread.

  • Alright! We have a 5 person consensus. No to the Geas.

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