Dwimmertalk Elsi, the Dicked Dame (DD)

  • "I don't want a meeting with your husband my little sweet-roll. I just want the riches of your body." (Mike can we role play the sex? Ill be top.)
    -I beleive we found a silver necklace in the last loot. Part of my XP spending will be giving it to her, no strings attached- (like a donation to Tyche <or a prostitute> but instead I'm wasting it on a woman)
    "It's just a silver necklace my lady, but its been hidden in the dwimmer for 1000s of years. Men and beasts have died trying to reclaim it."

    I have no agenda with the lady, but she generally tells me all the gossip.
    (could you flesh her out some)
    Does she worship? Typhon, Tyche,... Turmax?
    Who is she close to in court?
    What does her flaccid husband do for his money? Who is he close to?

  • Elsi likes the idea of being a Turms cultist. She's almost the perfect candidate too. Open-minded and bored. Maybe that's why she enjoys you? As for the Great Church, she most enjoys the processions of Caint-worshippers. Music. Poetry. As vapid as she is, she does enjoy the arts.

    Elsi has bonds with most of the ladies (what few there are) in court. Many of the wives and maidens of the other lords. She also has some allies back in Adamas she speaks of on occasion and sometimes offhandedly remarks about how she believes such and such would be a good companion for the Castellan.

    Her husband's wealth is inherited. He is a distant cousin of the Despot and relies on numerous investments in various merchants throughout the city-state. Despite being an unwitting cuck, he is savvy in the mercantile traditions.

  • El Cid has been talking of the power he has seen in the Dwimmer and insinuating that Turms Turmax is able to do all kind of shit. Cid is encouraging Elsi to become a Turmax cultist. Then he can "pump" her for information. The old hump n pump.

    Idealy She won't know that my true intention is to use her as an information asset. She is to think I am sympathetic to the Turmaxian struggle.

    El Cid is trying to get himself an inside woman, he has been inside of.

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