Number of Characters

  • I think we need to make it standard that everyone always has three total characters. I understand you want to punish people for dying and that is totally fair, but I don't want sessions bogged down with character creation.

    Right now 4 of the 6 players have 1 of their 2 characters unable to join the party should the need arise (bed rest/ lab), so if they lost a character it would require 2 new char creations on their part, which eats into game time. Ideally we should always have an available spare. We should also make these characters online, between sessions if possible.

    This is just my suggestion.

  • I agree!

    It's tricky though because there will always be downtime activities and people on bed rest. Generally, I would say you should always have 2 characters playable and ready to go in a pinch.

    So, amend the rule so that if someone dies, immediately replace them after that session with a new guy (or promote a henchman).

  • Ill make a thread with instructions on how to roll up a new character soon. I don't have computer skillz. Will someone post the inventory buy sheet.

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