LFG..s? Complex request

  • So I've been SUPER bummed lately as I've been unable to attend most the slurs lately and I've been unable to get my d&d fix.

    My issue is that I work a rotating, shifting 10 hour, 4 on 4 off work schedule. Which is awesome, since four days off, but that also means I lose out on four weekends in a row where I have to work.

    So to the point- if any group, new or in progress, is looking for a player I'm completely down. Perfering d&d 5e or PF, but I've been wanting to try Shadowrun. Also I've been really wanting to DM a Dragon Age tabletop game.

    The only this is the group would need to be flexible with times, or ok for my character to be missing from time to time.

    Let me know if anyone is interested! I know it's a complex request but my schedule is dumb.

    Also if it helps, my schedule is literally static for the next year, so I can tell you way ahead of time what days I'm free or not.

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