Session 11 - The Thoulish Chirurgeon

  • Notes

    Awesome session! Some spell arguments. But, y'all are working out the kinks finally.


    • Distaff (Elf - Thief 2, Magic-User 1)
    • El Cid (Human - Fighter 3)
    • Reylas (Human - Magic-User 2)
    • Bren Holly (Human - Fighter 3)
    • Franswa (Human - Fighter 3)


    • Elid, the Porter


    • We begin with the party arriving at Dwimmermount on the 3rd of Mid-Winter.
    • The party explores the tunnels above the Spawn of Arach-Nacha first. Distaff climbs up a winding, narrow shaft and discovers a new level above the Path of Mavors.
    • Explores two rooms: strange collapsed room with "puffball" creature and a southward office.
    • After exploring up, party goes back down to investigate the orcish area around throne room.
    • Party discovers garderobe that hasn't been used in some while but connects hall to trash pit.
    • Party then explores back toward the thorny bush room and sees the machine pumping azoth has killed much of the brush, but five larger needle-covered bushes still remain and seem flush with reddish fluid. Spindle's remains are shredded throughout the room.
    • Avoiding the bushes room, the party goes around and south toward area of throne room. Discovers stairs up, room full of primary-colored potions, and an ancient Thulian mosaic.
    • Past the potion room, the party discovers the remains of an orcish camp and finds abandoned treasure and two stone dwarfs.
    • Past that room, northward, the party discovers an abandoned, though recently-used smithy. Reylas collects some tools and an adamantine steel ingot.
    • North and westward, the party discovers a balcony. Below to the south, there is a strange operating room. Orcs hang from chains and a disfigured "hobgoblin" talks with a human Volmarian magic-user type.
    • The Volmarian leaves and Bren Holly parleys with the being, seemingly pulling him to his side. However, the Volmarian returns with gnolls in tow and a battle unfolds. The Thoul seems under some sort of compulsion and attacks the party as well.
    • A battle erupts. The thoul paralyzes Francois, the gnolls climb up, and missiles take down the Volmarian magic-user. Bren Holly is enlarged by Reylas and fights several gnolls, throwing them off the balcony, but is ultimately cut down by gnollish axes. The Thoul, whose name was lost in the encounter, is let go free. The gnolls are all slain.
    • The party loots the Volmarians and the gnolls and returns to Muntburg.

    The next session will be a special marathon at the lakehouse. It will be the 6th of Mid-Winter by the time the party can return from Muntburg.

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