Athame of Law

  • The Athame of Law is a white-handled ceremonial dagger forged from adamantine steel and filigreed with moonsilver.

    When held by a Lawful magic-user, this knife inflicts a −1 penalty to the saving throws of any Chaotic creature targeted by the magic-user’s spells. For characters other than magic-users, the athame of law acts as a magical dagger without any bonuses.

    It is said that companion blades, the Athame of Neutrality and the Athame of Chaos were also forged at the time of its creation and may be found somewhere within Dwimmermount.

  • @TomunistParty You have been outvoted. Your magic-user now carries this blade.

  • Whenever I have free time from making spells, I'd like to identify this dagger more in depth. Ill read to it at night before bed, focusing on subjects it prefers: history, law, and strange beasts. Take it on strolls through Muntburg, seeing what environments trigger its impressions. I'd like to ask local scholars if they have any notes (or books) on the subject of Athame's two siblings. Spending intimate time with my Athame of Law to discern its (his/her) true nature.

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