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    The Ars Transmutica

    This thick tome is bound with hide of some blue-scaled creature and laced with golden thread. The cover is filigreed with a silver & platinum emblem of the wizard, Amalzain, a transmuter of mysterious but legendary acclaim. Histories and books of lore cite Amalzain as the foremost leader in experimentation with transmutation magic.

    The interior of the tome is riddled with notes, diagrams, patterns, marginalia, etc. that delve into the mysteries of creation and changing the nature of reality through transmutation. There is rarely a spot in the tome where empty space upon the vellum exists. And, through the magic of transmutation, the pages will often shift and change if a wizard with the transmutation specialty gazes upon its pages.

    This means, only a Transmuter can use this tome to learn its mysteries or to learn one of the spells contained within.

    The Mysteries

    You must spend downtime days to learn a mystery of transmutation. You must be able to use the original ability in order to enact the mystery. For example, learning The Mystery of Stones doesn’t mean you can create transmuter’s stones if you are not yet 6th level.

    The Mystery of Substance

    Downtime Days to Learn: 15
    You need not concentrate to maintain transformation via Minor Alchemy.

    The Mystery of Stones

    Downtime Days to Learn: 30
    You can have two transmuter’s stones created instead of only one.

    The Mystery of Shifting

    Downtime Days to Learn: 30
    When you use the Shapechanger ability, you can polymorph into a creature with a challenge rating of 2 or lower instead of 1 or lower.

    The Mystery of the Master

    Downtime Days to Learn: 45
    When you expend the reserve of transmutation magic stored in your transmuter’s stone to perform a Master Transmuter effect, you can do so twice before the stone is destroyed instead of it being destroyed immediately.

    The Spells

    There are several spells stored in this tome. Only transmuters can decipher the shifting glyphs, diagrams, and patterns to learn these spells using this tome. All normal time and gold costs remain the same.

    Gaze Reflection

    1st-level transmutation
    Casting Time: 1 action
    Range: 30 feet
    Components: V, S
    Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

    You create a shimmering, mirror-like cloud of air before you that moves with you. Any attack that requires the target to see you, such as a basilisk’s petrifying gaze, a vampire’s charm, eyebite , and so forth, is reflected back upon the attacker.

    Water Breathing

    As the 3rd-level transmutation spell in the Player’s Handbook.


    As the 5th-level transmutation spell in the Player’s Handbook.


    As the 7th-level transmutation spell in the Player’s Handbook.

    There are special notes toward the end of the tome; notes about Amalzain’s hidden enclave on the Isle of Jewels, where Amalzain’s laboratory seems to be located. Why or how the Cult of Eyes had this book locked away is unexplained…

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